Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Stunning sunrise this morning. Seeing this while I drink coffee in the morning almost makes running up the hill to this house worth it.

I knew today would be my last opportunity to train for a little while- I only had about an hour but I did the best I could with it. Short hill reps on my bike. I went up/down a hill near my house for 45min, alternating seated with standing climbing and the effort felt hard enough. As I was finishing up it started raining. I saw a gorgeous rainbow on my last trip up the hill and I wanted to snap a picture but rainbows can be fleeting. It disappeared before I got to the top.

Today was a scheduled surgery to remove a couple of skin cancer spots on my face. When the derm finds basal cells on my body he just scrapes (or freezes) them off. That process leaves little round scars but I don't particularly care. Last time I was in he found a couple spots on my cheek so he recommended the surgeon take over so the scarring would be minimal. One of the spots was actually a bigger brown spot that I've had for years but just recently started changing and exhibiting signs of turning into melanoma, so he wanted that cut out too. Basal cells don't scare me but melanoma gets my attention so I was like yep whatever you think doc let's get rid of that spot.

Anyway, the surgeon walked in today and we both thought the other looked familiar. It didn't take us long to figure out the we have about 100 friends in common- turns out, she is a runner and we've done some of the same fun runs and races over the years. That connection put me more at ease which was cool. A benefit I suppose of living on an island with a fairly small running community.

Long story short, my face is cut up and once the numbing agent wore off, the pain settled in and it hurts. Doc said no exercise for 2 weeks but the look on my face made it clear that wasn't going to happen... And she is a runner so she gets it... so she said ok well how about a week? I'll play that one by ear. Right now the pain is enough that my desire to exercise is zero. Kind of a bummer that as soon as my hip feels solid I get put back on the bench... 

Given that this is a blog about my training and that I'm apparently not going to be doing any training for a week few days, I might not update again until I'm back and doing something. My guess is that tomorrow is going to be a Netflix marathon from bed. If I don't write for another week you can assume I checked myself into a mental health facility.

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