Sunday, March 6, 2016


This morning I spent a good chunk of time working mobility, stability, and a bit of strength. Mostly thinking that if I have full range of motion, stable hips, and strong core/glutes, that maybe this hip pain of mine will resolve itself. So with that in mind:

~"Happy Hips" Roll Routine focused on extension and internal rotation
~Couch stretch
~Psoas smash (MWOD style with kettle bell)
~Star Lunges
~Bridges (double and single leg)
~Monster walks with resistance bands (4 directions)
~Knees to bar
~Hip hikes
~Stork hold>airplane

Then I went outside to my side yard and did a little session reminiscent of when I used to dabble in Crossfit. Nothing crazy, and I know Crossfit isn't exactly gold standard when it comes to strength training, but my personal experience with it was positive and fun, so I employ some of their methods at times b/c I like them. Today I did 2x 8min "wod" as EMOM style (Every Minute on the Minute).

WOD #1: 4 rounds of
10 squats (45lbs)
10 box jumps

WOD #2: 4 rounds of
7 dead lifts (95lbs)
40" hollow hold

That was a fun way to GTWD (get the work done). Basically I was 'working' for 25-40 seconds then resting until the minute was up then would start the next set/round. It's been a while since I've lifted anything heavy and I didn't want to go overboard and end up unable to walk tomorrow... so I kept the weights on the moderate side and it was good.

Finished up with 5x50 jumps of jumprope and was pretty stoked that jumping rope didn't seem to irritate my hip (a week ago it did). Even threw in a bit of single leg jumps (2x10 each leg) and had no problem. Goal with that really is to keep my calves and achilles strong and in the game so that when I do start really running again, I won't end up with some dumb lower leg injury or something like that.

Later I went out riding. My original plan was to do a hill rep session but saw pretty early on that my HR seemed a bit on the low side and I don't know, my gut just said not today. Instead I just cruised as I felt, which ended up being pretty easy. HR was def a good bit lower than it's been the last few weeks (say maybe avg 8 beats low?), which could be a sign of increasing fitness but more likely simply increasing fatigue. Could be tired from yesterdays ride or maybe that little morning strength session since I'm not really adapted to that kind of work at the moment? Or could just be that I've ridden ~450 miles in the last 2 weeks and the cumulative fatigue is catching up. Either way, I kept intensity on the lower side for 43 miles and stopped a couple times to take pictures. Wouldn't call it a bad day to be on the bike.

This is Waimanalo and every time I ride past this section I think I should stop and take a picture. Today I finally did.
Got home and right away took Maia out for our little mile jog. It went better today vs yesterday. Hip still isn't perfect but once again the short jog didn't make it worse (and it isn't worse now) so I don't think it was a bad idea to try it again. In fact, I finished that "run" all sweaty and almost felt like a whole triathlete again.

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