Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Better Together

I got to the pool this morning and saw Lectie there (yay someone to swim with!) and then Mark showed up and right away I was like Uh oh. It's been a while since those two have swam together but when they finally do it's like every set becomes and olympic trials final (in a good fun way of course). Nalani showed up too which made it even better- just like old times(!), though I would guess that maybe some of the old ladies didn't appreciate the tidal wave we create when 4 of us are swimming hard.

Anyway, 2400M main set today was a good one.

3x300's steady @4:50; 1x100 FAST
2x300's steady @4:50; 2x100's FAST @1:30
1x300 steady @4:50; 3x100's FAST @1:30

I pretty much got my ass handed to me by Mark and Lectie, who were swimming in another zip code. For a second I was frustrated to be so far behind, but then I would look at my watch and see that I was swimming quite fast by my own standards. I mean there's just no way any of us would have swam that hard or that fast on our own. Together we are better. And because it's friendly, it's also quite fun, and well, A+ all around on the swim this morning.

Unfortunately I came to to more work stress. Seems like my job really shouldn't be that stressful. Honestly most of the time it isn't, but the crap I dealt with today was the kind of stuff that drives me batty. I'm pretty much an open book on this blog but today I'll just leave it at that.

Maybe what frustrates me most is that I spent so much time dealing with crap that I ran out of time to do the ride I wanted to do. I ended up with about an hour to work with though so I made the most of that by doing all my core/glute strength stuff pretty much just like Sunday and then jogged with Maia ~2.2 miles around the college. I wish I could say hip handled that just fine but it's a bit tender/sore again right on that iliac crest. 1 mile doesn't make it as tender as 2 miles, which isn't exactly a good sign for a real return to running any time soon. I caved and started taking ibuprofen (after the run not before) which I'm not a fan of but I'm getting desperate starting to lose patience with this stupid hip of mine. Ibuprofen does make it feel better which leads me to believe that inflammation is part of the pain (it always is).

Winds are supposed to remain at 25-35mph through tomorrow so hopefully I'll get my chance to ride in them maƱana.

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Steve said...

Nagging injuries are the worst. I always feel inflammation pain is better than other pain. I don't know why.

I rarely take any aspirin either. I can go years without taking any. I can go years without getting a headache too, so that helps.

Take care Michelle. :)