Thursday, March 24, 2016

Managing Spring Break...

Spring break means I'm a full time mom and since Grammy isn't here anymore (boo!), I had to get pretty creative in order to get work and training done today. Well, I don't know how 'creative' setting an alarm actually is... But that's what I did. I was pedaling as the sun came up this morning and had time to get ~90min in before Scott had to go to work, so I used it riding mostly aerobically. It felt like it took a bit of effort to get my HR up above 140 today but I pushed hard enough to get it there and held that for the bulk of my ride along the coast. I didn't have any power numbers today b/c I was on my road bike... I've been too lazy to swap my Enve race wheels off my P3 and I didn't want to waste 5min doing that this morning so I just grabbed my road bike since it was ready to go. Power is nice to watch on an aerobic ride but what matters is HR and I had that. So. good enough.

Light south winds are bringing in a bunch of vog which makes our skies super hazy. I did pause for a minute to look at this and snap a picture today. It doesn't normally look like this.

I don't know how I managed to get any work done with all the neighborhood girls running in/out of our house today. I told them a bunch of times to go play outside and leave me alone so I could focus. They would remember those instructions for like 20 min and then want to come in and play with the dog (who is forever by my side) or whatever... They're good kids and aren't doing anything bad - just good natured playing which is exactly what they should be doing at this age (!) - but I'll still be pretty happy when school starts again next Tuesday so I can have some quiet time here at the house to focus.

I had an introductory chat today with a new gal who I am going to start working with via the Tri-Equal group. I volunteered 3 months of coaching to a newbie athlete via their program Equally Inspired which is attempting to get more women into the sport. The match up between coach and athlete was pretty random I think - I got a young gal from Montreal - but it's all good. She seemed great in chatting with her today and I hope she uses me to her advantage! She's a lot more green than most of the athletes I tend to work with but I think it'll be fun to really go back to basics with this one. I'm happy to work with athletes of all abilities and experience, as long as they are willing and excited to work consistently and communicate with me. I'll be challenged with this one when it comes to run paces because, um, I don't think in kilometers. But I'll adapt. :)

I did want to get out and jog a bit today... working that out logistically when it was raining and I was responsible for a 7yo and a dog took a bit of planning, but by late afternoon I packed everybody up in the car with a leash for the dog and a bike for the kid and we drove to Kailua where it was dry (and flat!) and made it happen. We went a bit over 3 miles. To be frank, I felt like crap, just slow and heavy and labored even at like 10:30 pace ugh BUT in good news my hip never escalated above maybe 1/10 level on the not-quite-right scale. I think the flat road really helped with that. And the targeted strength work is working as well. So, while my run fitness is pathetic at the moment, if I'm healthy at least I can start the process of going about fixing it! Here's hoping it's not worse tomorrow!

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