Monday, March 14, 2016

Rain Day

I try to stay away from writing about politics, but WTF is up with this country? I can't watch the news with my mouth closed any more. It's just nuts that seemingly so many people have so much hate.

Anyway. I'll stop about that. Swimming. I didn't feel great this morning and didn't have much motivation... I warmed up super easy then since I felt like crap opted to just do a long steady aerobic set. I'm pretty convinced you can't ever really go wrong with steady aerobic work, so it's always a good fall back on days like today. 3k main set done straight through, all off 1:40 base send-offs and all descend 1-3.


The descending part was just to keep my brain occupied and have little mini goals throughout the set. I didn't descend to fast, only to steady, and got out when I was done feeling like I did a decent job getting some work done on a day when I didn't really want to.

It rained all day, which was fine by me. Mondays are trash days in our neighborhood and I took the opportunity to spend some time purging some un-needed stuff from our house (mostly kitchen and bathroom). Throwing stuff out feels good, but I filled our trash can (and topped off our neighbor's!) but didn't really feel like I made a dent. Might need to make that a weekly habit and see where it leads me (maybe to a less cluttered house?)

Anyway, no ride today but I did go running(!). It sort of felt like a real run too b/c I went without the dog, strapped on my HR monitor and went a full 4 miles. I figured I'd go easy and just see how it felt. To my pleasant surprise, HR was totally controlled and it was not hard to keep it <150, even running uphill back to my house (normally I'm not capable of running up those hills with HR <150 but today I could). I mean, it was slow (avg 10:05 pace, avg HR 142) but not as slow as I anticipated it would be given that I haven't really run in ~6 weeks now. I'd say it was a good run except that my hip hurt with every step so 'good' isn't the right description. It didn't hurt badly- I'd call it a 2 or a 3 on a scale of 1-10- and it wasn't really worse at the end than it was in the beginning. Given the way it felt I'd say it's not likely a tendon b/c tendon issues often loosen up and feel better as you go. My hip issue is constant and feels same every step. I'm starting to wonder if its a fascia thing. I might be reaching here but I'm desperate at this point and from what I read about fascia it appears that it's quite possible I've got some sort of weird adhesion in there that pulls when I run? I'm undecided about how to progress from here. I guess I will continue to manage it best I can and do what feels right.

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