Monday, March 20, 2017

TeamBSC !!!!

I just had a meeting with a new athlete who's going to be coming on board with me/TeamBSC in the next few weeks. She came to my house and we spent some time getting to know each other. I'm excited to work with her because she has more potential than she thinks. That's one benefit of having been working with athletes for so long- I know potential when I see it. And that potential isn't always physical- sometimes it's more of a mental state where you can tell that an athlete has such a great never say die attitude. That mindset will take an athlete a long way in our sport! Anyway. What was cool was that toward the end of our conversation I showed her a mock up of our team kit (sweet aero tops made by Coeur Sports!)

... and our new team shirts and of course the bat caps that can't be bought (have to earn these babies!) and she was like WOW you guys really have a great team going, don't you?

And my thought was Yes! Yes we do!

Going into my 8th year of coaching here I feel really proud of what we have created. And it just keeps getting bigger/better! Krista and I have recently brought on not one but two new coaches joining us with TeamBSC. You can read more about them on our newly updated(!) website, but briefly, Taryn and Juda are going to make awesome contributions to our team. While we each still work with our own athletes individually, we work together as coaches to grow and expand our own thinking and the way we approach our jobs. When Krista approached me about Juda coming on as our 4th coach, my first thought was Whoa this is like a real coaching company now!? I mean, it was always 'real', but maybe you know what I mean... I started this thing as a part time hobby 8+ years ago and now I not only have my athletes to look after, but I also get to help mentor 3 other coaches! It's totally my dream job. We've set up regular conference calls where the 4 of us get together and brainstorm ideas about everything you can imagine when it comes to sport. And it's true what they say... 4 brains are better than 1! (Do they actually say that? We say that!)

Anyway, it feels good, to say the least. TeamBSC has been my baby but look at her now!?! This past weekend we had athletes flying all over the world... From Virginia Beach to California to Puerto Rico to Taiwan... Sometimes it all just blows my mind, if I'm honest.
Anyway, if you're a hard working athlete with big goals and you're looking for highly individualized coaching and an inspirational guide who will interact with you daily, check us out at TeamBSC. I bet we have a coach who would be a good match for you!