Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Great Escape

So it appears that I have a few minutes to update the blog while Moana continues her morning nap. Seems like we've finally outgrown the 3-nap-per-day schedule and have moved onto the 2-nap-per-day schedule. The books I read said that should have happened like a month ago, but my little angel daughter was turning into Ms. CrankyPants if she was awake for more than 2 hours at a stretch so it seemed I was always putting her down for a nap. It's still kind of a guessing game for me trying to figure out exactly when she should go down (based upon when she last ate, when I think she's going to want to eat again, when she last woke up, how long the last nap was, etc) but currently I'm just basing it on when she just starts to get a little grumpy. It worked this morning. She started making the I'm-Tired-Grunting noises around 9:45 so I carried her up to her crib, where she gave one little yell out and then turned her head to the side and dozed off. Easiest nap time EVER.

I'm a fan of the longer naps too. This morning was awesome- I got home from running and played with her for a while, then while she's napping I had time to get on my trainer for an hour, shower, make lunch, clean the kitchen, throw in a load of laundry, and update the blog. What was Allison saying on FB about trying to cram it all in while baby is napping? That's what moms do I think!! :)

Moana has totally become the little escape artist lately. She isn't a fan of being strapped into her bouncy chair and protests by arching her back a bunch trying to break out. But without being strapped in, this is what happens.

It does seem that she prefers to be on the floor these days rather than in her chair. Not that she's making an effort to crawl or anything. Or even roll over. She can totally do it if she wants to, but she just seems pretty content to stay in one place a lot. I probably shouldn't complain about this because one of these days I'm gonna be updating this blog with crazy stories of chasing her around the house and babyproofing everything... or maybe then I won't have time to update the blog at all because of all the chasing her around. But so far I've just got a little girl who's perfectly content to hang out and look around, even though clearly she is strong enough to move if she ever actually tried.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ooohh how cool I get to finally write a triathlon race report! First one for me since... Ironman '07... and first one since... giving birth to Moana!

It was just a little sprint this morning... 750 swim, 12 mile bike, 3.6 mile run. I showed up and I swear I wasn't the least bit nervous about the swim/bike/run part... but wasn't sure I'd remember how to get through a transition in decent time. Sure enough, I got smoked in both transitions, but hey... whatever.

It was cold and windy this morning (what's new, eh?) and even though I was under strict instructions to get in a good warm up, I only managed to jog for about 10 minutes and swim for like, a minute. Not like I was gonna actually get 'warm' in that cold water anyway... that was my rationalization... sorry, Jen! The water was actually cold enough to make it 'wetsuit legal' but no one bothered with a wetsuit.

I lined up near the front with Rachel, Kathryn, and Stefan. Rachel said Stefan was wicked fast in the water... I'd never swam (swum? swimmed?) with him before but given Rachel's description I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to hang with him. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when after a couple minutes I could see him off to my right and we were swimming stroke for stroke! I'm no dummy... I slowed down a bit and just tucked in his draft... tapped his toes for much of the rest of the swim (sorry, Stefan!!). It was great though because he just led me directly from buoy to buoy and all of a sudden we were running up the beach towards our bikes. Kathryn was, of course, just ahead of us.

Transition? Yah, not so much. I fumbled with my helmet for a while and by the time I was getting on my bike at the line, Rachel had already gone by. That was cool though- my super-secret goal was to see if I could keep her in sight for the short ride after she inevitably passed me. I had no idea how realistic this was because Rachel and I haven't trained at all together this year... so again, imagine my very pleasant surprise when I managed to stay just a couple of bike lengths behind her for the whole ride! We picked our way through the majority of the men's field up ahead and arrived into T2 together. WOW!

Getting off the bike I almost felt like my goal had been accomplished because I had no illusions of being able to run with Rachel... but again, after another slow transition, I started off on the run. I worked as hard as I could just trying to maintain my second place. In all honesty I don't remember too much of the run... just trying to put one foot in front of other and not trip over myself I suppose... I went as fast as my little feet would take me and for the first time ever, no women passed me on the run. That's another really big WOW!

So, first race back... second place overall... Though in all honesty, it's hard to be really proud of the placing because most of the fast local gals were on the Big Island racing Lavaman today. I *so* wish I could have gone and raced there this year but family responsibility and lack of funds made that unrealistic.

So the Blogger Chicks ruled the day today at the Waterfront Triathlon! And I suspect that if you pop on over to Rachel's blog later you might find this same photo along with her version of today's events. What a fun way to start the tri season... :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small Craft Advisory

The newest addition to the weekly workout routine is the Friday Sunrise Ocean swim. We meet at the boat ramp in Kailua and after a warm-up out to Flat Island and back, do intervals along the buoy line. It is hard to deny how awesome it is to be out in the ocean as the sun is cresting the horizon and turning those little clouds pink.

Last week there were just 3 of us. This morning the group ballooned to eight brave souls who faced that cold water.

You all know how much I complained about our ch-ch-ch-chilly winter... so even though now it is starting to feel more like spring, the ocean is still BRRRRR. So I pretend that I need to practice using my wetsuit, which is funny beause I'm not actually doing any wetsuit legal triathlons this year. But whatever. It's always good to practice in the thing, no?

Even with my wetsuit on, I still end up feeling like an ice cube and my hands go all numb and I have to blast the heat until I feel like I'm gonna suffocate in my car on the way home. But that wasn't the biggest issue we had this morning. No, the issue this morning was the Small Craft Advisory issued for the east shores of Oahu. For those of you who are wondering, "What is a Small Craft Advisory?" Here is your answer, direct from the National Weather Service:


This guy had the better idea.

These are kinds of windy conditions that (these days) cause race directors to cancel swim races, or change a triathlon into a duathlon at the last minute*. Standing on the beach this morning, I wasn't the only one wondering if maybe we shouldn't go. But you know what? We didn't have a race director calling out any cancellations. And this was my only chance today to swim. So off we went.

Lesson learned this morning? WE ARE SMALL CRAFT.

Should have been advised. Ok, we were advised. We should have listened to the advice. Or not. As crazy windy as it was, it was still doable. And the more we swim in chop like that, the better we get at it. But salt water never really tastes better, no matter how much you inhale.

*GRRRRRRRRR to the Honolulu Triathlon directors if they're really gonna turn that race into a duathlon just because of forcasted jellyfish that weekend. Take away my swim and make me run instead? GRRRRRR again.

Growing Up

Moana seems so much older to me every day. And taller. I haven't measured her lately, but I have stored away several pairs of pajamas that don't allow her to straighten out her legs anymore. And she can touch her feet to the ground when she's in her Jumperoo now. I really should measure her height, because even though she seems so tall to me now, this is still the shortest she will ever be.

And shoot, now that she's reading and all...

Yesterday morning I went in to check on her and found her sleeping on her side. With her favorite blankie (Thanks, Auntie Andrea!) and dollie (Thanks, Auntie Catharine!).
I'd never seen her so far over on her side before. I figured it was just a matter of time before she rolled herself all the way over onto her tummy.

In fact, it was just one day. This morning Scott went in to check on her and came back to report that she was fully on her tummy! I'd heard that babies do this at some point and that once they roll themselves over then it's ok, right? I'm actually sort of surprised that she was ok sleeping on her tummy because when I put her on her tummy during the day she always insists on having her head so far up that she can't relax at all... then eventually gets all grumpy and wants to be back on her back. But whatever floats her boat.

In other news, I'm supposed to go in the the doctor's office to get routine labs done sometime soon. I was going to go this morning since I'm not training until later (this would have been the best morning) but totally forgot and started drinking the yummy french press coffee that my awesome husband brought to me in bed this morning... It's a fasting blood test which just seems impossible to me because I don't fast. Ever. I eat. All the time. I guess one morning next week I'm going to have to just suck it up and do it. But seriously, delaying breakfast is like torture for me. I have no idea how people skip breakfast in the morning?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Got Poi?

Moana is going to be five months old this week. I know. I can't believe it either!

Lately she's been expressing a lot of interest in eating stuff other than milk. Like, elephants, for example.

Or Sting Rays. Any of you moms out there who have a Jumperoo know how tasty the Sting Ray must be.

It also appears that any food out on the counter is of interest. Tomatoes sure are colorful and appealing.

Ooooooh... or green leaf lettuce!

So even though I know she doesn't really need any nutrition from solid food until she's closer to 6 months, I thought, what the heck... lets' see if she wants to try to eat a little food off of a spoon. And I've heard that Poi is a good food for babies... a traditional Hawaiian food (like pudding but not nearly as tasty) made from taro root, it is nutritionally dense and apparently no one is allergic to it.

Let's see if Moana likes it.

I don't think Moana is actually opposed to poi, but she really didn't quite know what to do with that spoon. She's still got that tongue reflex where anything foreign in her mouth gets spit right back out. We've tried a couple of times now and she's swallowed some of it, but for the most part, poi just ends up all over her bib. So I think we're gonna wait a little longer on the solid foods.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Two Gold Medals

Well now you know how it ends, so you only have to keep reading this blog post if you're curious about the details. ;)

Mama was pretty darn nervous this morning... riding over to the Team Time Trial I tried to calm myself down, but I swear my anxiety level was higher today than it will probably be all year. There's something about working as a team that makes me way more nervous than when I'm just doing something for myself. Like seriously, no one really cares about how I perform individually, but when there's a team of people counting on me to perform for a team result... well that leads to high anxiety!

Anyway, we got our team kits in yesterday, so we were looking sharp this morning. Actually, these are our tri kits... the road kits haven't arrived yet so we had permission to ride sleeveless today. ;)

This was the only picture I got from the day, because after this, it was all business. The girls team warmed up and decided on our order and some strategy, etc. Our race started and we had a nice build into our pace, but in all honesty, it felt pretty darn easy to me. When I was at the front I was working some, but wasn't killing myself until we got more toward the end. There was a nice cross/tail wind pushing us out to the turn around... a wind that we had to fight really hard coming home. More than once it occurred to me that our training days are way harder than this, and with something like 4 miles to go, my competitive side came out. In some sort of freak militaristic show (I swear I don't know where this came from?), I barked out something along the lines of the following: "OK LADIES, THIS IS NOT A TRAINING DAY. THIS IS A RACE. AND WE HAVE ABOUT 10 MINUTES LEFT. TIME TO WORK. ITS GONNA HURT. MAKE IT HURT. GO GO GO!!!!"

I knew we actually had more than 10 minutes left, but what the heck. I said 10 minutes because it made it seem like we were almost there. I proceeded to go to the front and put in a big solid effort. Apparently my ranting scared one of the gals, because by the time I pulled off, she was off the back. No big deal because we only needed to finish with three to make it count... I continued barking cheerleading efforts at my teammates and we all danced with that red line called Threshold until the red line called Finish Line appeared off in the distance. Then we sprinted. Official finish 1:04:44, good enough for first place in the woman's division. Great job Ladies!!

Phew. Glad that was done. I had just enough time to roll maybe a quarter mile down the road before I turned around, pedaled back to the start line, grabbed my other water bottle from a guy who fetched it for me, and heard 90 seconds 'til your start! 90 seconds... that's about how much time I had between contractions when I was giving birth to Moana. No problem.

Or... Holy crap.

It's probably good that I had such a tiny amount of rest between events because I had no time to even start to contemplate what I was about to do.

My next team involved Cat 1 Guy, Tai, and Motorpace (the one guy I knew and have been training with). The plan was that Cat 1 Guy and Tai would trade off pulls while Motorpace would sit on, close any gaps that would form, and yell at the front two to pick it up (HA! Like that would ever be my instruction!) or slow it down, based upon my legs. My job was to not lose Motorpace's wheel, while also communicating with him how I was doing.

One thing I forgot to mention is that Cat 1 guy flatted in the first few miles of his 'A' race, so he was totally fresh. We actually saw him sitting by the side of the road as we (girls) rode by and my only thought was, "Oh no! He's not even gonna be tired!"

As it turned out, it was good that Cat 1 Guy wasn't tired, because Tai flatted in the first few miles of that Mixed Team race. So now it was just Cat 1 Guy pulling and Motorpace protecting me. And I swear, it's good I don't have a computer on my bike and wasn't wearing a HR monitor, because I'm sure had I seen the numbers for the first few miles of that race I just would have quit right on the spot. I was instantly at red line and we had to have been going 30 mph (with the tailwind).

Obviously my comments to Motorpace involved something like, "I can't do this..." so he yelled up at Cat 1 Guy to back it off. That was pretty much the story of the first half of the race... me yelling "Ease up!" every once in a while as Cat 1 Guy inevitably built up the effort. We were flying with that tailwind. I actually wasn't so worried about my heart rate or breathing... it was more that my quads were on the verge of cramping and I knew it so I was trying to meter my effort so I didn't just completely seize up and have to stop all together.

We hit the turn around in less than 28 minutes (what is that, like 26 mph??) and then faced the wicked headwind to come home. Luckily this slowed Cat 1 Guy some and since I was protected and had been monitoring my effort, I felt okay. So rather than yelling "Ease up" on the way home, I was saying, "I'm okay." That felt good.

Last night my friend Nalani sent me text that said, "I hope you impress yourself tomorrow." Indeed. I remembered that text and smiled. Yes, I was impressing myself.

Last mile... bigger effort... now it's Motorpace's turn to be the cheerleader, urging me to give it everything... I didn't exactly have a sprint left, but I hung right in there for the finish in 1:01:03. Nice. Good enough for another first place, but that was just in our age division. We got beat by two other Mixed teams.

All I wanted at the finish was some water. I'd been dry since before the turn-around... Then, in true Tri-Geek fashion, I had my running shoes on within a few minutes and was off for a little jog with Amy. She was very patient with me as my quads were completely seizing up on me with every step. I had to walk it off a little, but prior experience told me it was possible to get through this transition cramping... sure enough, within about ten minutes the cramping was gone and I was good to go. We didn't go too long or too fast, but it was good for me to find out how my legs would react to running after an effort like that on the bike. My experience today told me that I need to be more careful about my nutrition and hydration during these hard efforts. It also taught me that my training partners are awesome and that what we do every Saturday works, because the pain I felt today was not much different from what we experience on a weekly basis.

A ten mile easy spin home and I called it a day. A fun day with the team! Success! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

69 Minutes

I just got home from packet pick-up for the 40K Team Time Trial(s) I'm doing tomorrow. I go off with the women at 8:33 AM and then the mixed team goes at... wait for it... 9:42.

For those of you who are math challenged, that leaves me a total of 69 minutes to complete the first TT, recover, and start the second one. Given that two years ago the TTT on this hyper-windy course took us 65 minutes, that oughtta give me a good 4 minutes to bring my heart rate down, go pee, and swap out my water bottles before heading back out there to chase the fast men.

The thought of that just makes me laugh. Who am I kidding? That's insane.

Driving home I just had to change my thinking... I am not racing two 40K's tomorrow... I decided to think of it more like a 1/2 Ironman. I've done lots of half ironmans. So really, it won't be that hard. I mean, I don't even have to do the whole 56 miles because 80K is only like 50 miles. And they're totally gonna let me cheat and draft the whole way. And the 4 minute break I get half way through will be like standing down in the penalty box (because of all the drafting).


So just for good measure, I'll be packing my running shoes. Because there's no better practice for running after you're thrashed from a hard ride than when you're actually thrashed from a hard ride.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Linchpin

This weekend there's a 40K Team Time Trial here on Oahu. I joined a new cycling team this year called Pacific Velo. It's a team made up mostly of a bunch of local triathletes and somehow I got suckered in. I'm not planning on doing a lot of outright bike racing this year, but I'll do a few here and there. First one for me is this weekend so its time to dig out my race wheels!

We put together a strong women's team for the TTT. I've ridden a bunch with two of the gals but have yet to meet the fourth one. I'm looking forward to hammering it out with these ladies... I remember doing this TTT two years ago and I swear it was the hardest hour I'd ever spent on a bike. Somehow you really end up pushing yourself a ton harder when you're doing it for teammates rather than just for yourself.

So I'm already nervous about the Hour of Pain when I get an email yesterday from one of the Pac-Velo team leaders who was trying to put together and additional 'Mixed Team' consisting of 3 men and a woman... So I read:

You are the linchpin to the forming team and wanted to see if you're interested. We think that we can win. The plan would be to protect you all the way since you will need to be at least the third person to finish.

What? Race twice? Although in fairness all I have to do is sit on during the second 40K. The guys will pull me to the finish. I instinctively reply right away to the email with a short, "I'm game."

Then I start really thinking about what I just agreed to. So, um, I'm going to kill myself for an hour racing with the women, then turn around and try to hang on for dear life to the wheels of 3 very fast men? That would be hard enough if I was fresh. I look at the list of guys who will be my teammates. One I've ridden with a bunch. I think I've mentioned him before when describing one of our Saturday rides... comparing drafting off of him to relentless motorpacing... The other two I've heard of but either have not met or have not ridden with. But they're on Pac Velo's 'A' Team because they are very very very fast.

I had a hard time sleeping last night thinking about this scenario. Holy cats. That is going to be so hard. Because the thing is, since I don't really know these guys I'm riding with, I'm going to be much more intimidated... If I knew the guys better I'd feel more comfortable yelling at them to slow down when they start inevitably pushing me far beyond my red zone...

They can't drop me, because as the lone female on the team, I'm the linchpin, but they can only pull as fast as I'm able to draft... How much am I going to slow them down? My only hope is that they are also wiped out from their first race so maybe won't go quite as fast the second time around? Good luck with that.

As if my nerves this morning still weren't high enough, I get copied in on this email from the teammate I know, Mr. Relentless Motorpace:

My concern is that I don't get punched out the back. They need to keep
Michelle, I'm expendable.

Um, Mr. Motorpace is concerned about getting spit off the back??? Yeah. Um, if he's the weakest link of the guys and worried about getting dropped, I'm screwed.

The next email in the chain said something about somebody bringing a sharp stick to poke at me if I can't keep up. Nice, guys. Nice.

So, to sum up, I've got the hardest weekend ever coming up. Not one, but TWO 40K TT's on the bike. Add in riding to and from the race start (10 miles each way) and I'm looking at 70+ miles on Sunday, 50 of which will be faster than race pace...

If this is my last post ever, it's because my heart exploded out of my chest trying to hang on to the wheel of guys who I have no business riding with. Wish me luck. Cause Mama's gonna need it this weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

GO! GO! GO!!!

Yesterday was all rest day fun in the sun and sand. But today It's Tuesday... Track day.

I was actually nervous for this workout this morning... Jen told me what I was supposed to do last night and it involved words like ALL OUT and FAST. Uh, ok. That translated to me like make sure you go to the bathroom 3x before heading out the door.

My friend (and new neighbor!), Kathryn, joined me to run this morning. She rode her bike next to me while I jogged over to the track at o-dark-thirty.

I've done several track workouts so far this year... I think this was like my 5th one. I've never really been afraid of the track like I hear some runners are... but I think that's because I always hold back a little on the track. Never really go ALL OUT... maybe I've held the more conventional thought of not killing myself so I could avoid injury . Or whatever. Maybe I was just lazy. Or wimpy. Or whatever. Maybe I just never had anyone tell me to go ALL OUT before.

But today there were parts that were ALL OUT. I was supposed to envision Jen on the sidelines yelling "GO! GO! GO!!!" at me. And that's what I did. I shocked myself at how fast I could run when I push it. And now I know what those other runners are talking about when they say they work so hard that they're bent over with hands on knees gasping for breath after each repeat...

I might continue to be nervous now for track workouts, because yes, they are hard. But on our way home after we were done, Kathryn and I both agreed that we liked it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sand Between Her Toes

I thought I was gonna have to build an arc over the weekend because of all the rain, but it is with great pleasure that I announce that Hawaii is, once again, Hawaii.

It's still not hot, although I think I felt a little glimpse, a little reminder here and there, that soon it'll be hot. Really hot. Like so hot you can't stop sweating after a cold shower hot... So hot you're covered in salt after any workout... so hot that the ocean is hardly even refreshing... so hot that you burn your feet walking on the pavement... ahhh. I can't wait.

Hey Moana! Wanna go beach?

I'll take that as a yes. We headed off to Kailua today to gather our recommended daily dose of vitamin D.

We met a couple other moms there with their little ones. How fun is it to grow up here? These two year olds were having a blast with their buckets and shovels in the sand... and of course using the tree as a jungle gym!

Moana is of course too little for that yet... but the sand between her toes was a new and interesting feeling!

My husband showed up during his lunch hour. I was happy to see him.

And he was happy to see Moana... Clearly a lunchbreak like this helps a dad get over The Case Of The Mondays.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jump! Jump! Jump Around!

It felt like Christmas Eve around here last night... After Moana went to bed, Scott and I put together Moana's Jumperoo.

It's been sitting in the box waiting until the right time to debut... and this morning was it! Anticipation was high... was she going to like it? I think so.

There's a lot to look at and keep a baby entertained on this thing. Moana was mesmerized.

So at least that's something good about this Saturday morning. I woke up at about 4AM to the sound of pounding rain outside and was not happy. I was really hoping it was just a passing storm. Hoping it would be gone before it was time to ride at 7... No such luck. After a flurry of phone calls in the dark-o'clock hour and some serious studying of the radar map, it was decided that this was not just a passing storm. The whole island was apparently under siege. A very unhappy Mama set up her bike trainer and got to work while a more happy Papa packed up his surfboard and headed for the swell.

It's now 10:30 AM and it appears the rain may finally be tapering off, although surely some roads must be flooded since the sky released absolutely all of the available water in the atmosphere over the last 6 hours... Looks like I'll salvage the day with my long run and then try again on the bike tomorrow.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Follow the Leader

Here's a random post for a Friday...

Moana woke up at 2:30 last night (this morning)... I thought maybe she'd settle herself back to sleep, but when Scott went in to check on her, it seems she'd managed to get her foot out of her pj's (slipped it between snaps). Since it got down to 55 measly degrees here and we don't have central heating, her poor little foot was like an ice cube. Of course I should have zipped her up in one of those warm sleep sacks before putting her down, but I didn't think of it. But eventually she did go back to sleep and then kept the fleece on until like noon today.

In the Smoker News Update, it appears that the woman lighting up at the bus stop at 6:30 in the morning is going to be a regular occurrence. Apparently she can't pay for gas to drive herself to work, but can still afford her cigarettes. Smart choice. So glad I get to run through her pollution now on a daily basis. Ugh.

At swimming this morning, we finished up our workout with our own version of Follow The Leader. It's a fun way to swim when you've got a few people who are about the same speed... We each had a 300 to lead however we wanted... swimming side by side (with the leader in the middle so the other two can watch carefully), the game is to watch the leader and go fast when he/she goes fast, and slow when he/she goes slow. Since the leader doesn't tell the others the plan for the fast parts of the swim, you have to be on high alert all the time, watching and waiting for when the leader is gonna take off and make you sprint and try not get dropped. It's quite a high anxiety way to swim, unless you're the leader and therefore know when the fast parts are gonna come. ;)

Nalani went first, choosing to sprint into and out of each wall, with easy parts in the middle of the pool. I figured out her pattern after about 200m so the last 100 knew what to expect. I went next. My secret plan was to sprint for a 75 and then go easy for a 75... though somehow I managed to lose count (not enough coffee this morning??) so ended up sprinting random 25's toward the end. Nalani was thoroughly confused at the end... not being able to figure out my pattern. Hard to do when there is no pattern.

Bob went last. Poor Bob. He went on a ski vacation to the mainland and missed the last 2 weeks of swimming with us. He opted that his 300 be part of a long easy warm down. That's what happens when you don't swim hard regularly... you get pooped out fast! I know Bob will be back to his normal fast self in another week or so, but in the meantime, he's gonna suffer. No wonder we're all overly obsessive freaks about training. Miss a week and you pay with a crappy week of training...

Ever wonder what Moana does while I'm typing up these blog posts? Well today she's been hanging out in her little scooter chair thing (don't know what these are called?). I set her up with her toys to play with while in the chair and she seems pretty content moving herself around the kitchen floor.

And then every few minutes I am summoned to her assistance since she's managed to throw all the little toys to the floor. It's tough being a baby.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Oughtta Make Grammy Happy

Somebody was in an especially good mood last evening...

Happy baby loves changing her clothes...

Maybe its because she knew bathtime was coming up next?

Is there anything better than being wrapped up in a warm towel after your bath?

What a great fun evening we had! Of course, it's all fun and games until somebody has to go to bed...

In good news, 11 hours of sleep makes for a happy baby (and a happy Mama). I came home from the gym this morning to this... We're off to a good start today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Not About Me

This morning I was gently reminded that while my running and biking exploits are interesting, they are not an appropriate replacement for recent pictures of Moana. Read: Grandma needs to see some pictures!

Ok, so what have the little one and I been up to lately? Well... she helps me practice yoga!

She's not so into being confined these days... We've figured out why the bouncy chair has that seat belt thing...

And clearly she loves her Bebe Pod chair.

This wheeled scooter thing seems to have passed her test of toys that she likes now because she can move around in it. Although so far she's only figured out how to go backwards... but she seems to like it...

Until she gets stuck in a corner...

At which point she resorts to eating her toys.

In other news about Moana... she's the Drooling Queen... though no signs of teeth yet. We have yet to try any real food. I just sense she's not quite ready. Maybe another month or so. Her eating/sleeping schedule has really been the best thing ever... while I used to look at it as too confining for me (i.e I'm a slave to her schedule), I now see it as freeing for me because I can plan ahead and don't really guess at all about when she's going to want to eat and when she's going to need a nap. And she hasn't woken up in the middle of the night for at least 9 nights or so... maybe longer. I'm not even counting anymore. How cool is that? She goes to bed around 6:30 and I wake her up for first feeding at 6 before I go workout. For the most part she's a super happy baby, although we have our moments... some nights she just decides she doesn't want to go to sleep and screams bloody murder. Those nights are very frustrating, but we've found that if we go in once to calm her down, eventually she gets herself to sleep. Usually it's only like 15 minutes although it can be 30-40. Those nights suck. I don't know what the books are talking about that babies learn to settle themselves to sleep after 3 nights of crying it out... because she just seems all random about what nights she goes down without a hassle and which nights she puts up a fight. The good news is that I know she knows how to go to sleep on her own, so I don't get upset about listening to her cry it out anymore... just more frustrated than anything. Luckily those nights are only sometimes!