Sunday, March 8, 2009

It Just Takes One

Some days here in Hawaii are just gorgeous. Blue sky, warm, a little breeze...

Yesterday was not that day.

Forecast called for wind, heavy rains and thunderstorms. Sweet. Love it when that happens on a Saturday. If it was still January, we probably would have skipped or postponed our ride. But it's March. So we went.

The plan was that 8 people were gonna show up. I was psyched for a good hard fast ride, and mentally prepared myself to be very wet and cold all day.

1/2 of the group slept in and opted to stay dry. 1/2 the group went and got our mud on. You know which group I was in!

I was thinking about all you folks on the mainland who don't get to ride outside at all for months on end. So while I'm sure many of you had way nicer weather than we did yesterday, I didn't complain at all. (Ok, at one point coming home and pushing into a brutal relentless wind I did yell something out that I might not have wanted to daughter to hear, but that was just once.)

The boys were plagued by flats all day. Right in the first mile Aaron blew his tire in half running over something very sharp. POW! He and Mike went back to the house to get a new tire so Sandy and I were on our own. Girls ride.

You'd think maybe this would be an opportunity for us to just cruise since we didn't have any boys to pull us... but it was actually the opposite. We cranked it out. Maybe in an effort to prove to ourselves that we don't need any darn boys to drag us around. We can do it just fine on our own, thank you very much.

So while sometimes its awesome to ride in a big group, it really just takes one good solid training partner to get your best workout in. Sandy is my Partner in Pain on the bike. I love training with her!


X-Country2 said...

Aww, it's great to have friends like that. I need more workout friends.

Natalie D said...

glad you were in the group that got out there. It is fantastic that there are groups to train with! I like biker outfits. THey are cool and make me want to be a biker.

Clare said...

so great that you have great training partners! and a bad-ass attitude, that's what i need back!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Great job on the ride. Our weather this weekend was brutal but I'm pretty sure it's fabulous everywhere else.

That's great you are working with Jen! If your ears were burning very early in the morning on Friday it's because we were talking about you at the pool.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I honestly would have chosen the trainer over riding in the rain. Nice ride!