Friday, March 6, 2009

Achieving Goals

My friend Marc Rubin raced at Ironman New Zealand today. He did awesome.

Marc used to weigh 320 pounds. Then Marc changed his life.

I remember meeting Marc years ago when I was living in Scottsdale. He was this overweight slow guy who would show up on our group training rides religiously. He always got dropped. We always waited at the top of the hill for him. Sometimes for a long time.

Then one day I was racing another friend up a hill and killing myself to hang on to his wheel... get to the top... and who's right on my wheel? Marc. Wow. Where'd that come from? Marc was getting faster.

I think that was in 2004. Marc did his first Ironman in Arizona in 2005 and finished in like 14+ hours. He kept at it. Obsessively. He made his goals known to everyone. Break 10 hours.

I think he's done like 7 Ironmans over the last couple of years... sometimes getting pretty darn close to that magic 10 hour mark but never actually getting under it. The run was his weakness. This year, he decided to turn himself into a runner.

Marc blogs about his journey... see the link in my sidebar (Marc Rubin's Quest for 10 Hours). He's been talking about his obsessiveness and all that he's been doing to turn himself into a runner so he could reach his goal. This year he hired a coach to help him and then definitely put the work in... Today Marc ran 3:36 on his way to his 9:55 finish time. Incredible!

Marc's goal wasn't just to break 10 hours. Marc wants to race in Kona. He was 11th in his age group today so we'll see tomorrow if that was enough to get him there. I hope so. I'd love to see Marc in Kona!!

Marc's story is such an inspiration to me because I, too, am working on turning myself into a runner. I'm seeing some progress, which just fuels my motivation even more... and now I'm incredibly happy to report that I'm working with Jen Harrison who will be guiding me along the route to success! She says it starts with believing in yourself and your plan. Marc believed. I believe. And I'm so excited about my journey... although Jen did say something about suffering... In fact, she's mentioned that several times already... so I better go get some sleep.


Natalie D said...

That is really inspiring!!! ANd great for you to be working with someone to work on your running! No pain, no gain- right? good job Mama!

Jennifer Harrison said...

WOW, great story about Marc! Really amazing story and very inspirational! And, now onto YOU!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

What an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing and I truly hope that he gets to Kona. I will have to check his blog.

cat. said...

according to hillary, he IS going.
: ))

and you working with JEN!!! get the heck outta here. phenomenal choice. how exciting!!

: ))

Lizzie said...

I was never a super serious runner (read: strength training non-existent, mileage really low) until about two years ago. Last year I noticed my knee was bothering me a little after runs so I decided rather than be cheap, I would find a trainer who would help me figure out what was what. Didn't know what I was getting myself into when I signed up with her, but it's one of the best things I ever did. I was running incorrectly to start with and as soon as she corrected that my knee pain stopped. I was suddenly on a schedule with weight training and learning that it's OK to have a rest day. When I hurt my foot at the beginning of this year, she convinced me that I would run again and be better b/c of it - and I have. So (in case you can't tell what I am trying to say :) ) - good for you!! You won't regret it.