Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fartlek Friday; Steady Saturday.

Solid swim again yesterday morning. Felt like confirmation that Wednesday was not a fluke. :) Once again right from the first stroke I felt "on" so the warm up was strong. Then Nalani (she's back!!) and I did 4x400's pull @6:20. 5:56, 5:52, 5:49, 5:46. To be honest I didn't set out to descend on purpose but that's how the set kind of played out and I went with it. Descending is a habit. Finished the session with an old favorite we used to do weekly back in the day (seriously like 2007-2009!)... Fartlek Friday we called it and it was a straight 1000 as 2x through 250mod into 50 fast, 50 steady, 50 fast, 50 steady, 50 fast... repeat. I think the ability to change pace and recover while still swimming is key to solid swim fitness and this long set focuses on that. I knocked out the 1000 in 15:13 which was satisfying given that I really did feel like I was changing pace. 100 c/d gave us 3700M and that was enough.

I didn't ride yesterday afternoon. I finished working in time to ride but when it came down to it I just didn't want to. Instead I spent a few hours gutting Moana's room... cleaned it top to bottom (including the closet) threw tons of stuff out and have a big box to donate. That was a long overdue project and I felt relived to have finally taken care of it. I'd like to go through the same process with our garage but that would easily be a two day project and would require buy-in from my husband. He doesn't like to admit his hoarder tendencies(!)... but he is NOT a fan of getting rid of things. So you can imagine the state of our garage. Let's just say a car wouldn't fit in there. Maybe one day I'll convince him but after 8 years of marriage I'm not holding my breath!

No ride yesterday left me pretty motivated to ride today. Got on my TT bike by myself and headed north along my flat route where I can ride uninterrupted. Was another perfect day to ride (dry and hardly any wind). I warmed up for maybe 15min then pegged my HR in a very narrow range 148-152 (avg 150) for the next 70minutes and just rode steady eddie all the way out to Turtle Bay. Avg power for that 70min was 169w and it didn't feel hard, which was shocking. I am genuinely surprised at how quickly my cycling legs have returned. Maybe it's b/c they are not carrying any fatigue from running? That's likely a part of it. And also further confirmation that I respond quite well to aerobic volume. Truth is though, I can't remember the last time that 170w didn't feel at least moderately hard... It's been a few years. Anyway, coming home I did a set of 4x8min heavy gear strength work, power 200, 205, 207, 210. Those efforts felt strong but not max (HR low 160's) then just rode the rest of the way steady HR 140's and called it good. Definitely felt WAY stronger at the end today vs on Wednesday when I rode this same route. 58 miles for the morning in 3 hours even.

As soon as I got home I grabbed Maia and her leash and headed back out down the road. We only jogged ~a mile and as my first run off the bike since IM Louisville(?) let's just say it left a little something to be desired... but I'd say my hip didn't feel worse when I finished and it doesn't feel worse now either. I'm on the fence about whether or not I should keep attempting these short little 1-2 mile runs... Mostly questioning are they setting me back and delaying the full healing? Or are they bridging my fitness and a good idea to keep doing? I am not sure. I *suspect* that I am dealing with some sort of tendonitis(osis?) around my iliac crest, and from what I read it says full rest is required to let it heal... so 1 mile here and there could potentially be delaying healing and not at all worth doing. OR it could be just fine as long as I'm not pushing it too far (or changing my run gait) and hip will still heal when it heals and then at least I won't be starting back from complete zero? Tough call. I'll likely continue to go with my gut on this run, jogging when it feels like its ok to do so.

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