Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday

Pools were closed today for Good Friday but no worries... The ocean was open! No wind again this morning so it was still all glassy and perfect. Same 3 Musketeers as Wednesday. It was pretty much the exact same swim, except on the way back today Mark took off sprinting (sneaky with no warning!) which forced Nalani and I to chase... Eventually we caught back on and then we continued that race pace effort all the way back. I could see Mark surging at times like he was trying to break us but we didn't let it happen! Turned into a 20min threshold effort which was great. I think people (us included) commonly tend to swim fairly easy/relaxed in the ocean, but sometimes pushing the pace for an extended period like that is super.

Afterward Nalani and I had our husbands drop off our kids and we dragged them along on a run around Kailua (dog too!). We were probably quite a sight... Me jogging with the dog on a leash and Nalani pushing the jogger and Moana following us on her bike. It was slow and easy but quite pleasant and enjoyable and my hip was only slightly irritated so all in all a good morning.

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