Sunday, March 27, 2016

Super Double Good!

Easter morning was pretty stunning around here. No wind, blue skies... If I was single I would have headed out on my bike immediately, but instead I waited for Moana to wake up and open her Easter basket and go in search of eggs in the front yard. It was a fun morning for sure. :)

Once the chaos wore off I headed out for a run. I made the choice to take some ibuprofen before heading out, which is something I said before that I would not do, but I changed my mind and decided to try it and see if it helped prevent soreness in the first place (vs simply eliminating it after it has occurred). I made a little deal with myself that I need to 'earn' my ibuprofen by doing all the basic hip/core/glute strength stuff. My position on the ibuprofen has changed a bit (bc, um, it totally helps!) and now I'm thinking maybe ibuprofen will be the band-aid I need that will allow me to keep running while I continue the process of strengthening my hips (so eventually I can run without it). So as long as I don't get lazy and complacent about the hip strength stuff, I'm giving myself permission to take the anti-inflammatory. Anyway. It worked! I ran 5 miles, which was my longest run in months, and discomfort never escalated at all and even later in the day I had zero pain in that hip! Super double good! I got home and while I was still dripping with sweat I told Scott that even if I never raced again, to be able to go out and float through 5 miles like that is something that I just really want to always be able to do. I just enjoyed it. A lot. Running without pain beats running with pain.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach with some friends. We all agreed it was one of the  best beach days ever. Perfect weather, good friends, good moods all around. Super double good! Also, Maui Brewing Co has this limited edition Hopkine IPL for sale now and it's fantastic.

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