Monday, March 21, 2016

Trash Talk

On Friday night a few of us were out having pizza/beer at the beach. It's not uncommon for me to run my mouth a bit after I've had a few beers, and on Friday it came in the form of giving Mark some shit about how he was too hung over to swim properly that morning. That conversation escalated into a fun little Wait til monday morning I'm going to kick your ass kind of talk... to which I responded with something like Bring it! So that set the scene for this morning.

My problem, of course, was that I did that TT yesterday and consequently I woke up this morning feeling less than spunky. At 42 I just don't recover in a day like I did when I was 32! It worked out in my favor that Lectie showed up this morning, because she became a good target for Mark. I swallowed my pride and flopped through the warm up (Um, they lapped me! In a long course pool!) but I knew that since I didn't spin out that TT yesterday I needed to do something easy easy before starting to work hard again. After the warm up I talked myself into actually swimming. We did a warm up set of 8x50's @:55 25 fast/25 easy and during that set I made up our main set. 2200m main set where all the swims were off 1:35/100 base and the 2nd one of each round faster than the first. I used paddles while Mark and Lectie swam.

2x300's (4:22/4:15)
2x200's (2:53/2:48)
2x100's (1:24/1:23)
2x200's (2:53/2:49)
2x300's (4:21/4:15)

Mark apparently crushed himself trying to keep up with Lectie during the warm up and the first half of the set, which left him complaining that the water was running out of air(!), and I managed to give him a solid challenge in the back half of that main set. So I sort of redeemed myself, a little bit anyway. It hurt me to do that though! I swam myself straight into full on nausea on that last 300 and felt trashed for the rest of the morning.

I did manage to get out for an easy spin this afternoon. Avg HR 125, max 138 for ~80minutes. So, complete opposite from yesterday. Legs actually didn't feel as bad as I thought they would, but then I didn't make a single big effort today.

Then Moana and mom and I went hiking to Likeke falls.

Mom is visiting from Ohio and she doesn't get to do stuff like this very often. It was fun though and of course the dog was in heaven.

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