Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This winter has definitely softened us (as if we, in Hawaii, are not already soft enough when it comes to weather conditions). Pretty much every day recently has been picture perfect blue skies and light/moderate winds. Today tested me a bit b/c we had some gusty winds and on/off rain. Was I really going to ride in that? I used to. All the time. But I'm so soft now!

I did get myself out the door, but I changed my ride plan to allow me to stay in neighborhoods vs being out on the main road and I justified that decision in the name of safety. So, short hill reps it was. I figured I would do 6x2' hard uphill, then 6x1' hard uphill. That's one I haven't done in a while, and just like 50's in the pool, not (at all) my favorite kind of session to do. So much that I had to change it up and sort of trick myself just to GTWD. Seriously, I got done with 2 of those 2' hills and felt so uncomfortable (I am not a huge fan of describing training as suffering, even if that term feels somewhat accurate at times. It's not truly suffering. I mean, come on.) that I started talking myself out of doing the rest of them. Just one more, I told myself... This is the hard part about not having a coach to report to... If a coach wrote a session for me I would go do it without thinking about modifying it. But when it's me making myself "suffer" and I know no one else cares at all, it's harder to force the discomfort b/c at any time I can just stop and no one even needs to know...

Anyway, I did end up getting it all done but I broke up the sets so it was more palatable to my rebellious brain. I split it up into 3 rounds:

3x2min; 1x1min
2x2min; 2x1min
1x2min; 3x1min

That worked for my brain and I got the work done. I was on my road bike and didn't have any objective data... Just the subjective feeling of shit this is hard.

Tomorrow we'll see if I can find my big girl pants.

Maia gets the shaft when its cold and wet and windy. She did convince me to take her out for a few short walks but overall today was pretty boring for her.

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