Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Supposedly it was going to dump rain all day today, but it didn't really. Little rain here and there but mostly just humidity through the roof. No wind.

I've been pretty religious about doing all the glute med exercises... favorites are the ones with resistance bands and hip hikes (I have been doing those 2x/day), but also have done side laying leg lifts and clams and bridges and squats and lunges and SLRDL and step ups and pistol squats...

Doc rx'd some Voltaren gel for me which is an anti-inflammatory so I've used that the last 24 hours or so and jury is still out about whether or not that helps. Honestly I think standard ibuprofen makes it feel better than the gel but apparently I'm not supposed to take both at once so I haven't taken any ibuprofen recently. Anyway, I tested it this morning and jogged 4 miles and it felt pretty good for ~3 of those. The last mile I'd say pain level came back to ~3/10, which is not high, but I was hoping for better than that. Then the rest of the day even with the gel stuff it's felt not quite right. Just a little sore. I'm still on the fence about how much to run through this situation. I hadn't run in 5 days prior to today and it feels pretty much perfect when I don't run and hurts 3/10 when I do run. Gut says if I were to run faster or longer though it would come back in a legit way and that bugs me. I don't know. The fact that it hardly hurt at all for the first few miles today though seems like a good sign?

It's spring break and kids are home which makes training more logistically challenging. I let all that go today and hosted a 'Spa Day' for a couple of Moana's neighborhood friends. I have a few athletes who could have benefitted from this today as well. Learning to relax is a skill.

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