Monday, March 28, 2016

The Park Bench Routine

Nobody showed up to swim this morning so I was on my own. 1000 w/u easy/relaxed as every 4th 50 kick on my side. Throwing in some kicking like that prevents me from going too hard so that's why I sometimes throw in some kicking or sculling when I'm warming up. Then I cruised through 2x500's pull just sort of steady- not hard but stronger than warm up effort. Used my solo swim as an opportunity to swim with drag (in the form of band only). I don't do a ton of that when I'm swimming with others, mostly b/c bands don't even start to slow Mark down so we can't really swim together if I use bands. But, I think bands force me to really create power up front and I think it's good to practice, so today was a good opportunity. Anyway. 1500M main set. I did the longer swims as pads/bands (no buoy) off 1:45 base and the 50's as band only off 60". Pretty solid long strength set and was good to alternate pads with no pads. No extra rest between rounds.

400 @7:00 (6:48)
2x50's @1:00
300 @5:15 (5:00)
2x50's @1:00
200 @3:30 (3:17)
2x50's @1:00
100 @1:45 (1:36)
2x50's @1:00

My new thing when I walk Maia is to take her down to a little park at the end of our road. I can let her off leash there and she can run round (and poop!) and I use a bench there to do a bit of strength work. My current routine is as follows:

~Steps ups (2x12 ea leg)
~Hip Hikes (2x30 ea leg)
~Bench Pistol Squats (2x8 ea leg)

Pistols are good on a bench like that b/c I can start at the top and squat down with one leg and then use the other leg to touch the ground and give myself a bit of assistance in getting back up. I can really feel those though and it doesn't take a lot to feel the effort! I did attempt to do one without any assistance from the other leg... and I did it! Just one, and only on the right side, but still. I was pretty pumped. #GoMe! I'll keep working those b/c I like them and I think they are good/useful.

I would have LOVED to have ridden my bike today (it was gorgeous out, again) but Moana didn't have school today and I didn't have anyone to watch her. She did play at the neighbor's for a bit so I used that window to go for a short run. Got 4 aerobic miles in and felt ok. Avg HR 146, 9:48 pace which is an improvement over last week but still yikes quite a ways to go. Sometimes (like today for sure) I absolutely despise living at the top of a hill. It basically means I can never negative split an aerobic run b/c in order to stay aerobic running up that damn hill I have to go stupidly slow (often with walk breaks) and it's obnoxious and annoying and well, #triathleteproblems. I'll shut up now.

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