Saturday, March 19, 2016

Decoupling Check

Cruisy aerobic miles on the bike this morning. For the first time in 2+ years (!) I rode with Nalani. Welcome back Nalani!

I did a main set 2x45min at HR 140-145. I like doing a ride like that as a bit of a decoupling check... so I ride by HR and watch avg lap power for the 45min... then repeat the effort and see if (at the same HR) power stays about the same or if it goes down? Pretty happy to see today that it stayed the same (actually went slightly up on the 2nd one b/c it was windy). The route we rode allows for a very steady effort so it wasn't hard to peg HR in a very narrow zone and just hold it there.

Tomorrow I'll be riding the same road again but am going to attempt to do it at +25beats and ideally +50watts. 40K TT in the morning... Should be pretty uncomfortable.

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