Friday, March 11, 2016

Little Lie Detectors

The wind persists. And once again I had a bit of a mental battle with myself. Funny how my motivation wanes when the weather isn't perfect. I'd be a mess if I lived on the mainland.

I sat on the pool deck and chatted with Nalani for a full 40 minutes before finally getting wet this morning. That was quite nice to do, and I really enjoyed it, even though it was not good for swimming motivation. By the time we finally started swimming I was mentally just over it. I managed to get through a pretty slow/relaxed 2600M before calling it enough and got out heading for the hot shower. I knew while I was swimming that I wasn't having a physical problem... I'm pretty sure I could have swam fast this morning had I had any desire or motivation to do so. But I didn't. Brains are powerful, and can act to help or hinder us on any given day.

Later I headed out on my bike. PowerTap recently put out a cute ad on FB for their new P1 pedals... something about how the pedals are "little lie detectors". Anyone who has ever ridden with power knows this to be true. I have those pedals now on my P3 and really like them. They give me reliable info about how I'm actually riding. Anyway, I used the data today and heading out decided that I wanted to accumulate 30 minutes of riding >200 watts. Wasn't exactly sure how that would come about... but figured I'd figure it out as I went. 15min into the ride though I scrapped that whole plan b/c it just felt too windy to ride hard. All my energy was being used just to stay upright! But then I gave myself the same pep talk I gave myself yesterday (ahem!) and got to work. I settled on 10x3min and once I got going, 200w was too low of a target. I did them all 215-230w and felt good/strong. Turns out I can ride in the wind when I set my mind to it.

Was fun to get home from riding and find updates about how TeamBSC camp went today in Scottsdale. Krista has a great group of athletes there this weekend and they are doing work. I saw a whole bunch of pictures and got text/email updates from several who I coach who are there training... Of course I felt quite jealous and wish I was there with them... But I'm happy that they get the chance to work together this weekend and I will live vicariously through their pictures and posts. :)

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