Sunday, March 13, 2016


I think pretty much everyone I knew was off climbing some epic mountain today... Pangs of jealousy over here for sure as I look through all the pictures on Facebook tonight!

After 3 days in a row of riding that included some hard efforts, today was 3+ hours aerobic cruise by myself on my road bike. It was windy again but today it just felt standard to me. Avg HR was 133 (max 147) so it was not a hard ride. I did however show some solidarity with my friends who were climbing today, and I did most of the climbs in my last hour big chain ring. Grrrrrrr. Legs felt better today than I expected them to and HR seemed normal/controlled. All good which tells me the last 3 days maybe weren't as hard as I thought they were?

I thought about running off the bike again b/c my hip feels pretty solid, but opted to wait another day and (hopefully) run a little longer tomorrow. I'd call it 90% better. I still feel it at times though and it scares me that I might do a run and injure it again and then have to take another 6 weeks waiting for the damn thing to heal.... I'm being way more cautious with this one then I have been with some other issues I've dealt with (calves, knees, achilles) but this one seems to have the most potential to be truly debilitating and not something I can run through when it's bad. I did do some hip/core strength stuff which I think helps.

I spent a bunch of time this afternoon cleaning my bikes. They were a mess. Yikes. Like tons of black gunk covering the chains... It's funny, the more I work with my bikes the better I feel like I understand bike maintenance stuff. Recently I've gotten pretty good at adjusting brakes. I have been swapping wheels a bit (for a variety of reasons) and have learned how to adjust the brakes to accommodate different rim widths as well as how to swap brake pads and position those so they are level and in the right spot. It's really not that hard, thanks to You Tube videos! Part of me wonders how much other bike maintenance stuff I could learn if I tried? A lot, I bet. If I tried.

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