Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hip Bursitis?

Great swim this morning. Mark and Nalani were there and that always helps. Felt strong right from the first stroke, ripped through a 1000w/u in 15:09 and it didn't even feel hard. Crazy how different that was from Monday.

Main set was 18x100's done Matrix style, which is a pretty easy way to get through 18x100's b/c you're thinking the whole time and doing math to figure out send-offs, changing pace, etc. It goes like this:
We went off send-off that gave us some room to breathe... 1:45/1:40/1:35. I held 1:30-1:31 for the easy ones, 1:27-1:28 for the moderate ones, and 1:23-1:25 for the fast ones. I felt strong and in control the whole time and it was great.

Finished with 1000 easy pull, just to add some relaxed aerobic volume, b/c I believe that shit works.

Mark brought my a papaya from his tree. I ran home with it like it was a football. It was delicious!

I saw my chiro today (Dr Zen!) and vented my frustration about how my hip feels. It's like it's not that bad but it's not ok to truly train on. I was able to really pinpoint where it hurts and he suggested it was likely bursitis. Not sure how I feel about that, but it makes sense b/c when I take ibuprofen it feels 100x better, so clearly it's an issue of inflammation. I called my doc right away and got an appt for tomorrow(!) with a sports med doc and am going to talk to him about getting a cortisone shot. I've never had one but from what I have read about them, in a situation like bursitis, it can be a good call without much downside. So. We'll see.

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