Monday, March 7, 2016

New Trail Monday

Swim was pretty standard this morning. Felt like one of those check the box type sessions. 1000 w/u as usual felt heavy to start then better after ~500m. Mark was there which for sure made me swim the main set faster/harder than I would have on my own. We did 3x500's pull @7:50. Went 7:29, 7:25, 7:21, because descending is a habit. Then we did another set as 2 rounds of 200, 150, 100, 50 where round 1 the last 1/2 of each swim was fast and round 2 the first 1/2 of each swim was fast. That's a quick way to knock out 1000m because the swims are short and you constantly have to think and change pace/effort. Anyway, 3600m again this morning. Check.

Opted to not ride today in favor of hopefully riding stronger tomorrow. My hip felt pretty good though, and it seemed like it had been a while since Maia and I went hiking, so I took the opportunity to drive her out to a trail I'd been meaning to check out. Its mostly a mountain biking trail and for that reason I figured I should stay away on the weekends, but figured on a Monday morning we wouldn't likely be in anyone's way out there.

Anyway, it was a cool trail and I really enjoyed exploring it. Obviously Maia did as well. It occurred to me that I never used to do stuff like that but now that I have her I feel like I want/need to figure out cool things to do with her. It ends up being a win-win for sure b/c I'm exploring a whole new world out there on the trails, and loving it. She might make a trail runner out of me yet.

We spent about an hour on that trail, mostly walking but included a little jogging here and there on parts that were a bit flatter. It seems sacrilegious to take a garmin on an outing like that so I really don't know how far we went, but I'd guess maybe 4 miles and would guess in total we jogged about a mile of it (maybe a little more?). It felt like a good 'bridge' into running b/c it was time on my feet, low aerobic effort but enough to break into a sweat, and quite enjoyable. I can still feel my hip isn't perfect but once again it is not worse and I think that's a good sign. Although with 3 days in a row of light jogging I think I'll not jog at all tomorrow just to remain on the cautious side.
It apparently takes Maia 23 hours of sleeping to recover from an hour long hike/run. She spent the rest of the day in complete Zombie mode.

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