Friday, April 1, 2016


Day 3 post face surgery and I'm feeling better. Wednesday was rough. I couldn't believe how much my face hurt. To be fair, I didn't know how big the cut was. For whatever reason I thought it was just going to be this little cut and didn't anticipate it being that painful... So when I really did waste the whole day Wednesday laying around and watching Breaking Bad (finished the whole series- true story), I sort of felt like I was being a wimp about it all. Like Oh woe is me my face hurts... I'm not really one who is much into drugs but I tell ya I would have taken some prescription pain meds that day had I had any available to me.

Thursday it still hurt quite a bit, but less than Wednesday. I was instructed to remove/replace the bandage on Thursday and when I did, it was like some sort of validation that I wasn't really being a wimp on Wednesday. I mean, it was a legit cut.
To be honest that photo completely creeps me out. It looks like I'd been in a knife fight! Ugh. Yuck. Those who know about these things seem to think the stitching was done quite well and I've been told by several that it will "heal up nicely" so, um, we'll see I guess.

Today (Friday) it feels significantly better. Like the stinging pain of a deep cut is mostly gone and I can smile (and even laugh!) without wincing. Have you ever gone 2 full days without smiling? That is no way to live, I'll tell you that. I'm glad to be able to smile again. :)

No swim bike or run yet but I did walk Maia down to the park this morning and resumed my park bench routine. I've been working on my bench pistol squats and on Tuesday I managed to do 3 with my right leg but couldn't do any (unassisted) with my left leg. I did them with a slight assist though (by touching foot to ground to help me push back up) and figured if I kept chipping away eventually I would get it. It didn't actually take very long at all b/c I did 3 unassisted ones this morning both legs! All the way down, all the way up, not touching the ground with my foot and not touching anything with my hands. It was a super proud moment!
Funny how even without immediate swim-bike-run goals I will find other goals and satisfaction in reaching those goals. It's just a mindset I think. That said, I mapped out some big picture training goals for the next ~2 months. I guess when you can't actually train you can still plan for actual training at some point!

I took Maia for a bit of a hike today. We went about 35min and it was hilly enough that even just walking got my HR up probably to ~130 and it felt good to move. Once Maia figured out where we were going she was a tail wagging machine. She's been as bored as me sitting around the last few days.

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