Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Accumulating Fatigue

I'm starting to feel the accumulation of fatigue now, which I think is fine. Necessary, in fact, to be quite tired from training at times if you're trying to stimulate a change in fitness. So in a way, I really welcome this tired feeling. Especially 4-6 weeks out from a key race... I think I should be tired!

I actually warmed up easy this morning in the pool- no blasting through a fast 1000 from the first stroke. I knew we were going to have a sprint type main set so I figured an easy warm up was in order. I still timed it, because that's what I do in the water.  16:23. So my 'easy' pace/effort is ~5"/100 slower than my 'solid' pace/effort.

Main set was quite different from ones we typically do... 5 rounds:
50-50-100 all max sprint (off 1:00/1:00/1:30) straight into 200 super easy recovery @4:00, which gave us like 40" rest between rounds. 4 of us were there making waves in the middle of the pool with this set, which made it WAY more fun/effective than it would have been had I done it alone. I held 38-39" for the 50's then 1:22-1:24 for the 100's. It was hard in a completely different way, which I think was good. This is the kind of swim that can really give you some POP when you have a decent endurance base to build it on.

So only 3k in the pool today but that was enough. Came home and jogged easy for 7 miles. Actually, I jogged easy for 6 miles (avg ~10' pace) then last mile I included 5x30" strong effort hill reps with walking/jogging recovery as necessary between hills. It just felt like an aerobic deposit kind of run with a bit of power there at the end. My stomach felt off for the bulk of it, mostly b/c I did it pretty soon after that hard swim and sometimes hard swims like that leave me all bloated and feeling like I need to burp/fart (I swallow too much air maybe??). TMI maybe but just keeping it real.

I felt quite tired for much of the day but went about my business as usual... I don't normally do any training in the evenings, but Moana has swim team from 5:30-6 and tonight we jogged down to the pool together(!) then I jogged more while she swam then we walk/jogged home together after (alternating light posts, which gave us some mini goals along the way). She was super proud of herself for all the exercise(!) and I got a bonus 5 miles in. No watch just easy easy jogging tonight. If I had to guess I'd say my HR never went above 145- it was *that* easy. I just looked at it as a durability run. Junk miles, maybe, but I think those types of runs are important for me.

Tomorrow will be a light/easy day (mostly home working) then I'm going to try to put together 3 more solid days Fri>Sun.

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