Saturday, April 2, 2016


I spent my morning tracking athletes and friends who were racing at Oceanside this morning. As I mature as an athlete, I feel more and more motivated by 'watching' others perform well.

The cuts on my face are healing up pretty well. Pain is mostly gone! I couldn't really think of a reason to not ride my bike today, so I headed out for ~2 hours just cruising on my road bike. No data. I figured maybe a reason for the 'no exercise' suggestion was that increased blood flow (too much increase) might overwhelm the tissues that are healing. I also figured that maybe the chances of it getting dirty/infected would be a potential issue... so I covered my face up good and kept my effort level low enough that I never felt pounding heart beats and I really had no issues being out there pedaling. I used bigger gears which also helps keep my HR low. Anyway. It was good to be out on my bike and I plan to do it again tomorrow. :)

And I promise this won't become a blog that is overwhelmed with kitten pictures (can't say the same about my Instagram feed #sorrynotsorry)... I can't not share these pics. Our neighbors found this kitten by itself last night and when they asked if I wanted it, I thought about it for about half a second before I said yes. It has a sibling that is still out there meowing in the woods... It's too afraid to come out and I've tried 3x to get it but so far no luck. I'll try again tomorrow. If that kitten only knew that it could be living like it's sister... belly full of salmon, resting safely on a comfortable couch... This beats the hell out of being lost, lonely, and hungry in the woods.

Moana named her Mia. So now we have Mia and Maia. They get along just fine already. Ozzie, on the other hand, is going to take some further convincing.

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