Sunday, April 10, 2016


Basic glute/core work stuff is so easy to skip. Why is that? It's like a 10-15min routine really isn't that hard so maybe it seems like not even worth the effort? I've actually been quite good about doing all those basic exercises recently... I'd say at least 4 days/week I do ~15min of that stuff. The Park Bench routine is sort of a no-brainer at this point b/c I do that when I'm walking Maia. I'm seeing signs of improvement which helps with the motivation to continue... This morning I went through my regular bench routine (step-ups, hip hikes, assisted pistols) and then did 6 unassisted pistols both sides! That's a huge improvement over just like 2 weeks ago when I couldn't even do one on my left side. I also often throw in a set of walking lunges (usually 30, sometimes twice) while I'm walking Maia. Anyway, doing that stuff is allowing me to run at the moment so if that's what it takes, I'm in and I'll do it. I ran 7 miles again today and it was just so good to be out there and almost feeling like a whole runner again. I mean, I have along way to go before I'd declare that I'm happy with where my run is at, BUT today's run felt better and was slightly faster (at the same HR) vs Thursday and as I was running I felt hope. Like maybe there's hope that I can get where I want to be in the next 6-8 weeks? I know it's possible to positively impact fitness in 6-8 weeks if I can stay consistent. So #1 goal is to manage this hip situation so I can keep running. What I'm doing right now seems to be working.

I get to start swimming again tomorrow and that is exciting! Once I'm swimming and running again it'll feel like I'm a whole triathlete again. I feel like I've really missed that the last few months.

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