Friday, April 29, 2016


Husband is out of town for a few days visiting his parents in California... so I am holding down the fort alone. Not a big deal, actually. Seems like I should find it challenging but I don't really. The only thing it really changes in my life is that I can't swim first thing in the mornings with my friends b/c I need to see Moana off on the school bus. So this morning I did that and then took Maia for a little dog jog. Well first we went to the park where I did my little "Get Your Glutes Going!" routine... Once my glutes were going we were off and running. Just a couple of easy miles but since my glutes were going(!) I felt pretty good and opted to throw in some short hill strides at the end. Plenty of hills to choose from in my neighborhood but I went to one where I felt comfortable letting Maia off the leash and she actually did all 8x30" hill sprints with me. That was perfect b/c then she was spent for the rest of the day.

Swam 4k mid-morning by myself. It was a fairly uninspired swim, like just getting the volume done kind of thing. I even wore a 2 piece suit, which I almost never do. It's not common for real swimmers to train in 2 piece suits. Most of the time swimmers know their paces well enough and don't want the extra drag of a 2 piece... But since I was swimming alone I thought maybe I'd work on reducing the ugly tan lines on my back... and I did a bunch of that swim with my feet tied together anyway so it was a drag/strength type swim where I wasn't worried so much about splits. Boring swim but in case you're interested, I went through the following 2x:

1000 easy (2nd round PBB)
4x50's @1:00 bands only
400 w/ fins as 50 kick/50 swim
4x100's @1:55 pads/bands only

Later I snuck out for a 90min ride that included some hill reps. This hill is 7ish minutes long and I did it 5x. Road bike no data; I didn't even time them just sat down and worked the effort that felt right each time. Funny how content I am to train without data sometimes. I think b/c I know myself and I know that I either race myself for the highest numbers or judge myself if I don't like the numbers... so best way to just get work done without judgement is to not know. Maybe not ideal but better than not doing the work... that's how I look at it! Fwiw, if I had a coach to report numbers to, I'd use the data so I could report numbers.
The other thing I was thinking is this... Moana is off to a Girl Scouts camp all weekend(!) so I have the whole weekend to myself(!) which means I'm going to try to get some solid training volume in... Given that, I didn't want to crush myself chasing numbers today and be too tired to do what I have planned for the next 2 days. None of it is really hard actually but I'm using my time available so it's mostly going to be a long aerobic volume kind of weekend and I can't wait! It's like my own solo training camp!

Funny too- husband is away and all the animals seem to be hovering around me. I'm a softie and have been letting Maia sleep on the bed with me and- too funny- both cats jumped up too! It's like the Animal Farm around here I swear.

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