Monday, April 18, 2016


I swam alone this morning which was fine because all I really wanted was an aerobic volume day. Swam a 2k straight to start and thought I'd attempt to descend each 500. Surprised myself a bit by what was there at the end- 8:07, 7:58, 7:54, 7:45. So not like that was blazing or anything but way better than last week so it made me feel good like yep on the right track keep doing what you're doing...

Main set was pretty boring. I've done it before it's just a decent way to get 3k done. I did it all with  paddles just to add the strength element. 2nd swim of each round faster than the first.

2x500's @8:00; 7:42/7:37
2x400's @6:30; 6:11/6:10;
2x300's @5:00; 4:42/4:40 (getting tired for sure!)
2x200's @3:30; 3:10/3:06 (felt lazy so tired thought about stopping but didn't)
2x100's @1:40; 1:34/1:31

So like I noted I was quite tired half way through that set. It's funny how your (my!) brain works in scenarios like these like oh 4k is enough you don't really need to do 5... That 2k was solid you're swimming fine no need to push the volume like you thought... blah blah blah.  But then I reminded myself that I swam 4k trying to find the fatigue and swimming through it is where the magic is so that's why I kept swimming.

Recently I've eliminated the little jogs I used to do to add frequency and volume to my running. Just didn't seem worth it when I'm managing this hip situation... I know that the more frequently I run, the better I feel, which is why I used to run all the time... but recently my thinking has been more along the lines of the fact that a 2 mile dog jog isn't really going to add much fitness but it might hurt my hip so is that worth it? These are the things I debate about with myself. I've skipped my jog commutes to the pool recently for this very reason. And poor Maia has been relegated to daily walks only... But today my hip felt pretty darn solid/strong, and I did all my core/hip/glute strength stuff, and Maia seemed like she was dying to go get some exercise, so I took her out for our old 2.2 mile loop. Kept it super easy and hip handled it fine so I think it was not a bad call to do today. I'm planning on running again tomorrow so hopefully 3 days in a row doesn't throw me over the edge. I don't think it will.

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