Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tantalus Tuesday

A few years ago when I was riding really strong, I spent a lot of time on our local mountain. (Coincidence? Probably not.) It's just under 5 miles bottom to top and takes 30-35min to climb, depending on how hard I'm working (and apparently what kind of shape I'm in!) Anyway, I have memories of doing this session most weeks back in 2012 and I remember how it got better and better the more I did it. So with that, it's the return of Tantalus Tuesday.
First time up today I went about as easy as I could... just played a little game with myself like how low could I keep my HR while climbing all the way up? Turns out, pretty damn low! I avg 140 first time up, max 145 when I stood to get up/around a couple of switchbacks. I was pretty impressed with myself. After that I worked the next 2x up.

2 months ago when I was just starting back with riding I rode up with my campers when they were out here... felt like I killed myself for a 35flat. I couldn't remember exactly but I thought I used to ride more like 30-32min, so 35 was a bit of an eye opening shock.  My goal today was to get <35min, twice. Mission accomplished! Went 34:17 then 32:50. I know these times mean nothing to any of you, but since I have kept detailed logs for years and years, I can go back and see what I've done before... So funny too... Here's what I found- first time I did this session back in Jan 2012 I noted that I rode 34/32 and that it was really hard! (sounds about right) In subsequent weeks I did indeed get it down to 32/30 and even <30min a few times. And after doing it 4-5x I noted that it felt like the mountain had gotten shorter and flattened out. :) So that gives me some goals to shoot for. #MakeTantalusFlat

I guess my point here is this: Keeping detailed logs comes in handy if you're a lifer at this sport.

Afterward today I jogged 2 miles up about as 'easy' as one can run up Tantalus (12min pace!) then turned around and ran back down at a decent clip (7:40 pace). I really like longer sustained downhill running efforts. I think the eccentric load is good for your legs and running quicker than you normally get to is a rush. I finished this brick feeling like a million bucks (no hip pain!!). Maybe it was just that today for the first time in a long time I felt like a whole triathlete actually in training with no limitations.

In other news, I'm not sure we're going to be able to eat shrimp in this house anymore. Mostly b/c Shakira won't let us do it in peace. That kitten is obsessed with shrimp. Obsessed.

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