Monday, April 11, 2016

Fitness Is Finicky

Back in the water this morning. Funny how much I missed my morning routine that involves going to the pool. My expectations of myself were quite low this morning... I know how 2 weeks away from the water affects me. I didn't text Mark to tell him I'd be back b/c I sort of wanted to just swim alone and cruise at whatever pace felt right vs ripping myself apart trying to keep up with anyone. I did a slow 1000 w/u as 25 kick/75 swim, then 10x50's @:55 as 25 fast/25 easy. Then 3x500's pull @8:15 just steady effort. Somehow I thought I would have retained my ability to descend, but alas two weeks away removed my superpower in that regard and I did the opposite. 7:55, 7:57, 7:59. Ha! Whatever. 3000M got done and when I go back on Wednesday it will be better. I did have the thought that I totally understood why triathletes who don't swim a lot loathe swimming. It's just really not that much fun to go slog through the water like I did this morning. The difference with me is that I KNOW that if I do enough work in the water I'll regain my ability to change speeds and push hard and that is the part of swimming that is fun. It requires fitness that is finicky and goes away quickly when you miss pool time but I'd be willing to bet that 2 weeks from now that sloth feeling will be forgotten and I'll be having fun ripping myself apart in the water again. :)

I managed to get out on my bike for a couple of hours this afternoon. No big efforts just baseline aerobic riding. Super windy again today which meant that at times I had to use my legs more than others. My glutes are a bit sore today (those unassisted pistols squats are legit!) but all in all it was fine. I finished that ride and feeing good but also just enough beat up to be satisfied.

Ozzie (my older cat) seems to finally be accepting the fact that Shakira (the new kitten) lives here now. They are actually both in the same room at the moment and no one is hissing. Progress!

Maia and Shakira get along brilliantly. They play- Maia licks Shakira's face... Shakira hunts Maia's tail... They chase each other around the house. It's super cute. Then Shakira comes and falls asleep on my shoulder. She's a sweetheart!
Ok this blog is turning into cat photos so I'll stop now.

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