Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Brick

Sometimes it's hard to type on my laptop because the kitten likes to jump all over the keyboard while I'm working. She's becoming more and more rambunctious every day and is super playful. In good news, she has Maia to play with and Maia often engages with her. Plus, Trigger Point rollers are super fun to roll around in!

I rode alone today b/c my regular weekend ride partners are on the Big Island racing Lavaman tomorrow. I don't mind riding alone especially when I have heart rate and power and a specific session to execute. I did one of my favorites today (many of my athletes will recognize this one)... 3 hour ride with back half 5x8min heavy gear strength. My legs worked pretty well today. After a short warm up I pegged my HR at 145-150 and held it there for ~75minutes straight which gave me a steady avg of 162w. Coming home had a decent headwind so that worked perfectly for the strength set. I figured I'd try to build the power with each one and end just below threshold.  Went 183, 193, 196, 199, 203 so that went well. The effort felt strong but not max (ahem!) and I think that's a beneficial effort level to work when you're going long and want to boost your threshold.

Got home and felt ok so thought I'd attempt my first legit brick of the year. 3 hour ride + 30min run. This is where my lack of fitness shone through... Yikes it was so ugly! My HR was ~10 beats higher than what I wanted it to be the whole time and I kept stopping to let it come down then would start jogging again and within like 60seconds it was right back at 157-159 so I'd stop again and try to bring it down. Even jogging downhill it was 155+. I should have just swallowed my ego and done a walk/jog off the bike... THAT is where my "run" fitness is at the moment and I know the best way to build it back is to be patient and do it right but I'm not immune to disliking walking when I'm supposed to be running.

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