Wednesday, April 20, 2016


We didn't screw around this morning in the pool! Boy what a difference a few training partners makes... Somehow in my head Wednesdays are key swim days, likely b/c on Wednesdays its common that a few of us are swimming together... and when you decide before you start that you're going to have a good strong training session, it generally ends up being a good strong training session!

1000 w/u I was chasing Nalani and Mark the whole time. Never caught them but neg split 7:54/7:39. So that's about what I was doing prior to taking time off for that face surgery, though this morning I wouldn't say I was floating through it or anything... I was working significantly harder than one might expect for a 'warm-up'. I go back and forth about this... Like duh, warm ups are important. Yet at the same time how often do we show up at a triathlon and the gun goes off and we start racing without a real warm up? Like the vast majority of the time. So 1:35 pace isn't race pace, but it's also not exactly warm up effort, but sometimes I just let that happen and justify it as race prep.

Main set was a super solid 2400M. All with paddles as has pretty much become the norm. No extra breaks between rounds, which made this a 38min set with solid pace changes.

3x300's @4:50 (4:30, 4:30, 4:29)
1x100 @1:30 (1:22)
2x300's @4:50 (4:31, 4:27)
1x100's @1:30 (1:22, 1:24)
1x300 @4:50 (4:34)
3x100's @1:30 (1:24, 1:25, 1:25)

So I def started to get tired there in the last round and was feeling like I was going to be sick on the effort on those 100's. I can't remember exactly but I think last time we did this set I finished faster. That said, I felt pretty damn satisfied with this today. It's certainly the best I've swam since before the face surgery and approaching what I was doing when I was swimming well in March. The cruisy 5k swims are paying off (of course!).

My plan was to ride my TT bike for a few hours but when I was swapping out my wheels figured out that my back brake was sticking and wouldn't release. So that bike is now in the hands of my friend who does all the wrenching and instead I headed out on my road bike for a few hours. No data just as I felt but I'd say I felt stronger than last week. It was psycho windy again today. I swear every time it's blowing 20+mph I must forget what it feels like because without fail every time I'm like THIS is the windiest day we've had this year!! There were sections where it felt quite ridiculous and I was moving along at like 11mph on a flat road just grinding it out. I didn't mind the lack of speed though b/c it just felt like a really good strength building kind of ride.

When the ocean is full of white caps like this, its visual confirmation of what you're feeling... i.e. not imagining the wind.

The whole time I've been typing tonight I've been fending off a kitten who has been attempting to attack my fingers.

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