Friday, April 15, 2016

My Crappy Attitude

I swam alone this morning. And slow. Ugh. As I was warming up I just felt sluggish and I could feel I wasn't moving very well through the water. When I saw 16:31 I wasn't surprised but I was just like UGH. I know that swimming 3K 3x/week isn't enough stimulus for me to gain swim fitness so I decided to quit screwing around with short swim sessions and actually put some volume in today. The rest of my swim was uneventful for sure and nothing of note other than I got the volume done (4800). I sort of muddled my way through most of that and tried to not look at my watch very much. I didn't have a very good attitude and was frustrated letting all the little things bug the crap out of me (like my stupid swim cap was too tight and giving me a headache)... Not really proud of that but just keeping it honest here. Not all the sessions are sunshine and rainbows.

That swim left me feeling pretty tired for the rest of the day.  Which just reinforced how much I need to keep doing the longer swims.

Let's end this on a brighter note, shall we? My pets are so so so cute when they play together! Shakira is seriously one of the sweetest animals I've ever encountered. I'll be glad when she understands how to appropriately use her claws (i.e. not for use climbing up my legs), but even with my scratched up legs, I'm happy to have her around the house.

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