Thursday, February 4, 2016


I had a telling dream last night about my hip issue... It was almost like a premonition of sorts. Weird, but I woke up convinced that the reason my TFL and glute med and other stabilizer muscles in the area won't loosen up is because that joint is not stable enough... Like the femur isn't seated back in the socket enough so it's ability to rotate and have range of motion is poor... therefore the surrounding muscles are on high alert trying to protect it. I remembered watching a Kelly Starrett video about how to fix this a few years ago so first thing this morning I went searching for that video and found it. Kelly Starrett is a genius when it comes to fixing injuries so I got out my thick band and went to work doing what he shows in that video. I've spent 5-10min 3x today with that band wrapped around my hips/knees trying to jam my femurs back into the back of the sockets, and wouldn't you know it? The surrounding muscles have really relaxed! I wouldn't say the hip feels 100% quite yet but it def feels a ton better. I ran with Maia today and it was not perfect but ok.

If I keep swimming the way I have this week I think I'm gonna have to start paying attention to the videos Kelly makes on shoulders as well... They're not hurt or anything but sore and overworked? Yes. Swam long again today. It's weird how my thought process on this swim challenge has changed over the last few days. I went from just wanting to challenge myself with it to now wanting to win it. Because of the time change between Hawaii and the mainland, I have the advantage of seeing what the others post before I go to the pool... So today I knew exactly how much I had to swim in order to get my name at the top of the rankings. I felt like crap so tired yikes but didn't put any pressure on myself to hit any paces today (and didn't pull very much only a little) but got 5800m in which gives me 21,200 for the week so far- which is more than I swam all of January- and ~150m more than Justin. :) The lifeguard suggested that I might start paying rent at the pool since I've spent so much time there this week. Lol. Tomorrow Mark and I are going to the ocean. That should be a nice change of scenery. I don't typically wear a garmin when I swim but since I need to note distance for this challenge, I will wear one tomorrow.

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