Friday, February 5, 2016

Aloha Friday

Took a break from the pool today and was treated with perfect ocean conditions for a long swim. Mark is loving it that I am on a swimming rampage at the moment because he loves long ocean swims.
Seriously. We live here. Oahu has really been showing off this week.

I set my garmin to auto lap every mile. I didn't feel like we were swimming that hard/fast but it buzzed 2 miles right about where we expected it to (Kalama Beach to Lankai for locals wondering) in <44min, and we got back in about the same time (+1min). Glassy conditions- simply perfect- and I was thinking that it's not really fair that I'm competing for volume against mainland folks who are swimming indoor 25yards. 

I wanted to run longer today- hip feels good- but I ran out of time b/c had a decent amount of work to accomplish today. I did run with Maia before I went to pick up Moana though. It's pretty humid today b/c of the lack of wind (hence, perfect ocean conditions). Maia is amazingly smart/intuitive about how much energy she will expend based on the weather conditions. In the mornings when it's cool she immediately goes blasting off dragging me by the leash. In the afternoons, she starts off walking and then just gently jogs and wants to stop a lot for short breaks along the way. I think summer will be tough on her. While it's been warm lately, it's nothing like what we experience in Aug/Sept. It would be tough wearing a black fur coat all the time!

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