Sunday, February 14, 2016

Camp Oahu! Day 2...

Today started with the Valentine's Biathlon in Waikiki. 5k run followed by a (long) 1k swim. I probably shouldn't have done it but I'm an adult and I made the decision to run even though I knew I would hurt my hip in the process. Indeed. Now I limp. But I won a fun Valentine's wine glass and got to celebrate with my 3 of my athletes who also won wine glasses (and we all had a blast) so I'm calling it #worthit.
I won't run again for the rest of the week. At least.

Since we were at Ala Moana and it was the last day of the Endurance Corner Swim Challenge, I added a bonus ocean swim to our schedule. Had to make sure I got in at least 5k today to get #maxpoints! Finished the challenge with #maxpoints and 77,700 meters, which is a new 14 day record for their game. Honestly I was most motivated to go for the record knowing it was Gordo's record. That guy is not known for being a slacker! Anyway, I got to swim here so really have nothing to complain about.

Eventually we got on our bikes and headed toward Tantalus, where we spent the next few hours climbing or descending. Everyone did great and I was super proud!

Second time up I gave Kelly a small head start and yelled at her Don't let me catch you!! And believe me, I tried, but I couldn't catch Kelly. She won Tantalus today.

Simply stellar day here on Oahu. I'll have more overall thoughts on training camp and what it takes in the coming days...

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