Thursday, February 25, 2016

Eddie Went.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and then couldn't go back to sleep, so I opted to get up and start working. It's amazing how productive I am at 4AM. I was less productive through mid-morning because the Eddie went off today up at Waimea Bay and I discovered the live stream with commentary and it was captivating! I mean, really, these guys are amazing. And the power of the ocean is mind baffling.

I had several tabs open today so I was trying to work in Training Peaks but also had the commentary going in the background and when I heard them raise their voices and get all excited I would click back over to watch, often seeing scenes like this one while the commentators were saying stuff like OOOHHHH... He just lept off a 4 story building!
It's shocking to think we swim this bay all summer long. Sure doesn't look like this in the summer!!

Word is that today was about the biggest/best ever conditions for the Eddie, which only ever is held when it's both big and perfect, so most years it doesn't actually get held. Last time was in 2009 and that year I braved the traffic and the crowds and went up with Moana (she was ~4 months old!) and watched in person. That's cool but I think the live stream was better b/c I learned more listening to the commentators and I could see the replays of the best waves and crashes.

Anyway, eventually I tore myself away from my computer and headed out to hit my 50k+ streak ride... Day 3! I headed north because that direction I just get to ride steady with very few interruptions... figured I'd just go 16 miles then turn around and come home, goal to keep HR 140s, which I was quite successful at doing. On my way home I was caught by my friend Mike who also happened to be riding same road same time... So of course I jumped on and immediately was at HR155. It felt ok though so I went with it. Essentially he dragged me along for ~25min and I was working fairly hard HR mostly 153-163 range but the difference was that today it was doable and I never had a thought about getting dropped (last 2 times I rode with Mike he dropped me repeatedly!). I definitely felt stronger and fitter than I was two weeks ago so yay! Progress! To be honest I'm surprised I felt the progress so soon- I thought it would take a lot longer to feel like I did today... but it was like confirmation that accumulating time pedaling with my HR 140's is highly beneficial for me... so then when it comes time to actually work (i.e. stay on someone's wheel and not get dropped!) I'm completely capable. I love that feeling. It motivates me to go out again tomorrow.

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