Monday, February 22, 2016

On Doing What I *Can* Do

I rode my bike down to the pool this morning, sort of excited for a real swim workout that didn't have to be 5K (or more). Unfortunately the pool was closed for some maintenance, so we couldn't swim there today. So we went to Plan B and got a pretty decent swim done.

I wish I could report that my hip was all better and that I'd started back with some light running, but that is not the case. I've been to my chiro 3x now and have been diligent about rolling and loosing up the soft tissue all around my quads and hips and glutes. It is getting a little better and I can now walk up and down the stairs without pain (progress!) but I tried a few jogging steps and it's still a no go for now. I feel like I've been pretty patient with this injury, but it's been a few weeks now and I'm starting to get antsy about when I'm actually going to be able to start running again. I guess it would be easy to focus on what I can't do (RUN), but today I started focusing on what I *can* do.

I can do squats and deadlifts and multidirectional lunges. Did those.

I can do glute bridges and hip hikes and monster walks with a resistance band. Did those.

I can't do V-ups without pain, but I can do planks and hollow holds. So I did planks and hollow holds.

I can feel it (a little) when I jumprope, but surprisingly, I can box jump without any pain. So I box jumped.

It felt good to proactively do something to help myself. I feel like if I can't run now, well, eventually I am going to be able to run again, so I might as well set myself up to handle it when I do start back.

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Lectie Altman said...

sometimes these things just take time....finally getting's been 5 months!! yours will be faster, but give it the time you and it needs!