Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Junk Miles

It was a gorgeous day today with light winds. Pretty much perfect for riding, so I headed out for 3+ hours of 'as you feel' pedaling. No garmin. I took my road bike and went south because the waves are so huge up north that they are crashing over the road. Scott said he can't remember a winter with such consistently huge surf. Anyway, I stopped to check out Makapuu and this picture doesn't do it justice- you might see a few black dots if you look closely. Those are people.

With no set intention for my ride today, it occurred to me that maybe some would consider what I did to be 'junk miles'. I don't think it was junk. Given my sorry state of bike fitness, I think keeping it simple and just riding as much as I can is quite beneficial right now. Every time I get on my bike I feel a little better/stronger than I did the day before. I think I'll go again tomorrow.

My hip almost felt good enough to try jogging today, but I opted to give it one more day anyway. I have a lot of guilt about not taking Maia out running, so I took her hiking for a bit this afternoon before we went to pick up Moana. I find happiness in exploring these trails with her. She knows now too... as we drive to this trailhead she figures it out now and starts licking my face. It's gratifying to make a dog happy.

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