Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Swim Bike Hike

Swam alone today for the first time in 5 days and took the opportunity to cruise easy. Got the 5k done but none of it involved much effort which I think was a much needed break. I spent all my swimming mojo yesterday I think! Funny though how when we are there swimming on MWF mornings it feels like all business and lifeguards/other swimmers don't really try to chit chat with us too much (maybe bc we are never at the wall for more than ~15seconds) but somehow when I go alone on Tues/Thurs it's like a mid-morning social hour there and all the swimmers hang out at the wall talking with each other and the lifeguards... There's a super chill feeling about it all. I tried to not stop a lot today, mostly b/c I didn't want to be at the pool for 2 hours!

Rode my bike again today as well. My hip doesn't hurt to ride, which is a relief. Yesterday I rode ~90' pretty cruise (just ride). Today I attempted some hill reps and it was painful. I haven't done any structured bike sessions in a really long time... Today I did 6 x 2' uphill hard, then 6 x 1' uphill hard. On my road bike so no data on the session, but my legs were screaming at me and I swore at the top of each one so it was hard enough. Honestly I had forgotten how painful hard riding can be. I'm thinking I may do a bit of a bike block at some point in the next month (not unlike the swim block I am doing now) because I like the way my swim fitness built and if I can do something similar on the bike that would be super. I think run blocks are riskier b/c of the injury potential, but I'd say that my take-away from this swim block experience is that I'm a big fan of overload blocks.

Hip still isn't good enough to run but when I got done riding I took Maia on a fairly long hike before we went to get Moana. Found a new trail (sort of accidentally) and it was really cool. Maia loved it. I did too.

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