Saturday, February 13, 2016

Camp Oahu

Camp Oahu officially started today. :) I have a fun group of athletes here and if the next 5 days are anything like today, they'll all go home quite happy I think!
Of course everyone from the mainland thought it was warm enough to go without a wetsuit. Then there's me...

We started the day with an ocean swim (of course). I went an hour early so I could get 2 miles in before the group started because I needed my 5k+ for #maxpoints. Conditions were pretty standard today- some wind gave the water surface a bit of texture but it wasn't nutso like last Sunday. We swam 1/2 mile down the buoy chain together then raced and chased through our accordion swim, TT style which made it a bit more fun... practicing starts and finishes and sighting. Lesson of the day (repeat after me) The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

It was another beautiful Hawaiian day for a bike ride, and taking these athletes on a tour of the southeast side of the island was ideal! Day 1 mandatory picture at Makapuu lookout...

Much of the ride was pretty relaxed but we did have a few sections where some athletes let loose a bit. At one point I think Matthew was wondering if he could rip my hamstrings off... Almost, Matthew! Almost.

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