Monday, February 15, 2016

Camp Oahu... Day 3!

Camp is super fun but exhausting! Yikes. Sorry but this will be mostly pictures. I do have a ton of thoughts and a long bike ride tomorrow should help me clarify them so I can write them out in a way that makes sense... For now... Our day in pictures!
We jumped in with a local group of friends for an ocean swim. This was cool in a ton of ways but mostly fun to show our mainland friends how it really is here in Hawaii. Yep. This is what we do on holidays!

I asked Scott to come along and escort the swim. Everyone was fine just as I figured they would be, but this was really our first 'real' ocean swim of camp. Saturday we stayed right along the buoy line so were never more than maybe 100 meters from shore... and yesterday was in a protected cove the whole time. Today was legit ocean, complete with some waves and chop, and while they all did great, it does feel good to know someone is there watching. Moana makes a good lifeguard! :)

The group got their first taste of some real Hawaii wind today. It was blowing pretty good but they all rode super strong and it was awesome. One more obligatory group shot at Makapuu Lookout...

Then a run off the bike around Diamond Head area... I didn't run because I can't walk without limping, but it was fine I made for a good photographer. :) It was pretty damn hot out there today, but Anne Marie didn't seem to be affected.

I had to rush off to another chiro appt. No time to shower but baby wipes work in this scenario.
Zen spent a good amount of time with me poking around and testing where I was weak (i.e. what muscles weren't working) and came up with lateral quad as the primary culprit which then affects TFL and iliacus secondary. He didn't seem to think I was really 'injured', in that it's not like a stress fracture or even tendonitis... just seriously pissed off muscles, which makes sense to me. Prescription: Keep my neck/spine/pelvis in alignment and loosen up that damn lateral quad so everything else can relax. He had some extra time and did some weird massage on my temples and diagnosed me as having excess stress. Fair enough.

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