Sunday, February 21, 2016

Old Friends

I feel like I'm in need of a day spent entirely in flannel curled up on the couch watching Netflix or something. I'm not sick, just tired and in need of a break! It's been a super fun and social last 10 days or so but the older I get, the more I need to balance that with solo hermit time.

Camp ended then my old friend of ~15 years popped into town and was like Let's ride bikes!! Who am I to say no to that opportunity? So we rode bikes.

Theresa and I go way back. We figured out that we started riding together in 2001, and she saved me when I needed a place to live after separating from my ex-finace in 2002 (dodged a bullet there phew!)... We partied our way through Ironmans in Brazil and Canada in 2003-2004... With a history like we have it was super cool to have the opportunity to catch up again so many years later. I spent much of the ride asking her to back off the effort b/c pushing for 50+ miles wasn't what I wanted to do. Ha! Really I just wanted to talk. We spent the evening at Sunset beach doing just that!

She's a member of our tribe. I feel like I won the lottery in finding Maia. She's best dog ever.

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Steve said...

Ex fiancée? Never knew. Cool to catch up with old friends.

Take care. Hope you get your hermit time.