Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's A Mindset

My plan today was to swim 2k just to get the frequency point in the swim game... instead of swimming big I wanted to have a solid run and bike day. Unfortunately my hip still didn't feel great today and while I think I could have run, it would have made it worse to do so. I looked back at some notes I wrote in my training log from 2013 when I had this same pain... and looks like I ran through it as 'normal' for about a week and then I couldn't walk and for the next few weeks was in to see the chiro and acupuncture and PT... trying to fix that mistake. So. Bailed on the streak because I'm not interested in setting myself back just to say I ran every day. I spent a ton of time trying to release the spasming in my glute and TFL and psoas. I'd say it feels better tonight than it did this morning so I'm hopeful that I can nip this thing in the bud so it won't be a long term chronic thing. One interesting note- a precursor to the iliac crest hip pain both in 2013 and most recently was some hamstring tightness/pain, especially up at the insertion point at the pelvis. I don't think it's a stretch to say they are related.

Anyway, Running was out, and I'm not convinced that riding wouldn't irritate it, so I thought that if I was going to give it rest, I should give it legit rest and take a day off the bike too. The fact that the swim game is going on right now helped my brain b/c I figured I could still do some training that felt legit if I swam a solid 5K. So, good timing!

Back to the pool I went. One of the lifeguards who I've known for a long time questioned what I was doing there on a Tuesday... b/c I never swim on Tuesdays. Lol. I laughed and muttered something about a dumb online challenge and that I needed to swim 5k. She asked why I wouldn't just say I did it but not actually do it... she said she would vouch for me if I needed a witness. Lol. I explained that would be squarely against the spirit of the challenge, and besides, I actually do want some swim fitness again and lying about training doesn't actually gain you any fitness at all.

Funny thing- today the 5k distance didn't cause the same angst that it did yesterday. It was more matter of fact, like 5k was standard and a non-issue. I expected that mindset to come back but didn't think it would already on day 2? It was cool realization though that our limits are indeed all in our perceptions. And that what seems 'big' is all relative as compared to what you do often. I'm sort of hoping this mindset translates to running as well... like during this year if I actually manage to run 7 marathons, will the marathon not seem like such an impossible distance to conquer? I do remember (years ago!) getting to a point where I ran 20 milers often enough that they became no big deal. So once this hip starts cooperating I'd like to move back in that direction. Anyway.

Swam the same 2k straight w/u and neg split it in 32:12 which was 48" faster than yesterday and didn't really feel any harder. Progress! I'm thinking by next week Friday I'd like to have that down to ~31:30 which is 15:45 or 1:33 pace. We'll see if I can do that. Seems reasonable.

6x150's w fins as 50 kick/50 swim/50 kick. I don't generally spend much of my swim training time kicking, but when you're swimming a lot (like 20k+/week) then I think it's good to dedicate some time to kicking. Didn't time any of those just rested maybe 15" as needed then went again.

Main set 400, 4x100's, 400, 4x100's, 400. Used pads for that 2k. 400's as descend 1-3 off 6:30 and 100's just steady off 1:40. Managed a decent descend 6:16, 6:10, 6:05. Right before that last one I felt the fatigue starting to settle in and I wondered if I'd be able to get <6:10 but then as soon as I started the last one I knew I had an extra gear so committed to the descend and made it. 100 easy c/d gave me 5k and I'd say I felt less tired than I did yesterday.

I'm actually looking forward to another 5k tomorrow morning. And thinking about committing to 5k for all the swims? That would give me 60k for the 2 weeks, though I think next weekend I won't be able to get that much in... We'll see. It'll prob depend on my hip and when I can start back running again.

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