Saturday, February 27, 2016

Riding In A Postcard

I totally forgot to blog yesterday! I'll blame it on the fact that I've recently discovered Netflix and Breaking Bad (yes I know late to that party). That is a captivating series. I know absolutely nothing about the drug world b/c that's just not my gig, and that series confirms that avoiding that scene my whole life has likely been a good call. Still, I find watching the drama entertaining, except for the parts I simply can't watch! It's scary, yo.

Anyway. Nothing big happened yesterday anyway. It was standard swim 3600m in the morning then ride 50k and all of it was pretty relaxed aerobic work. One of those training days that's not particularly sexy just bread and butter do the work kind of stuff. The consistency on the bike, even though I haven't been riding hard, makes me feel good.

Today I actually got my TT bike out (I've been doing almost all my riding on my road bike) and got my power meter functioning again as well. I really like my P3 and found it instantly comfortable today. Last time I rode it was the long ride a few weeks ago with my athletes when they were here- it was making a horrible noise though so my mechanic friend spent a bunch of time trouble shooting that. Turns out it was the wheel, which was a much better scenario than it being a crack in the frame or something! Swapped wheels and ta-dah! A nice smooth quiet ride.

So it's been 3-4 weeks since I've ridden with any power data. I sort of wish I would have started this whole 14 day streak with a HR/watts ratio... i.e. like when I ride an hour steady at HR 145, power is 140 watts, or whatever... I'd bet a few weeks ago it was something like that anyway. Today I spent the middle hour of my ride targeting a steady aerobic HR (avg 146) and avg power for that 60min was 156w. So still a lot of room to grow there but certainly an improvement over a few weeks ago. Another 10w at that HR would be quite satisfying so I'll likely test that data point again end of next week.

I had to stop and take a picture. El Nino summer was a giant pain in the ass but El Nino winter has been good to us. It was another picture perfect postcard day here on Oahu. #fromwhereiride

Tomorrow I'm going to collect more power data.

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Steve said...

I watched the first season or two of breaking bad. I binge for like a day or two, and then can't watch it anymore. Did the same thing with Weeds. I suck at netflix.

I did pretty good with it's always sunny in Philly. Made it to like season 8.

Sometimes /most ofvtge times chill time is just me sitting alone thinking about nothing, and everything.

Cya. :) lazy blogger. Who forgets to blog?? ;)