Friday, February 19, 2016

BSC Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and also the finale of camp (yes I planned it that way!)... When I planned it, I expected to be running in the gardens with these guys but instead I pedaled my bike. That was a bit of a bummer b/c of course I'd way rather be running, but it is what it is. I made a good photographer anyway.
I don't tend to bring my camera along when I'm running so I don't often get to post pictures of this run, but this is why I love it. I mean, seriously. I don't think running gets better anywhere in the world.
I told them to pretend they were Athleta models... Run tall!

I showed them to the end of the road then sent them off under a gate to continue on running in an area where my road bike wouldn't go. I figured I had about an hour before they came back so I rode off to a neighborhood hill I know and repeated up/down it (11x) for 42min in honor of my 42nd birthday. If I'm honest I'd admit that after ~13min (3 reps!) I was huffing and puffing and my legs were screaming at me and I started thinking that was probably enough work for the day... but then I remembered getting dropped on that long ride and I knew that bailing on these types of sessions because they're hard wasn't going to net me the fitness I want, so I shut my brain off and finished the reps as planned. I felt proud at the end of that!

After lunch we drove over to the pool and prepped for the birthday swim in the parking lot.
After a few of those brown bottles I had some fun playing in the park playground. Really I was just following directions when Nalani told me to sit in that blue bucket thing... I had no idea what I was in for. Ha! A minute twirling around in that thing left me laughing so hard I was crying and my abs were cramping!

Ok let's swim!

In my view, birthday workouts should be challenging. After swimming 5-6k every day for 2 weeks, 42x100's didn't seem adequately challenging to be a birthday swim. But 42x100's with my feet tied together? That seemed like a legit challenge. And it was. But I did it! The session was way more fun since 8 of us swam together (Nalani not pictured). I promoted them to ceremoniously sing Happy Birthday to me before we started and we all had a good laugh. Definitely a fun time!

So with that, the training part of camp was officially over and we headed straight over to Lanikai Brewing Company for some porter/IPA tasting. They brew special ones using local ingredients and, um, really good!
A few of my local friends joined us (Scott and Moana and Maia of course too) and we took the party to the beach park where we got some use out of the wine glasses we won at the biathlon on Sunday. 

Was a super birthday and a great way to end camp. Thanks, friends, for celebrating with me. Cheers to 42!

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Christine said...

Wait - did you have beers BEFORE birthday swim? Impressive. I'd be at the bottom of the pool.