Friday, February 12, 2016

Outside Is Free

Mark showed up to swim this morning but wasn't in the mood to actually swim, so he got out after the 2k warm up and headed home. I've totally done that before- I knew exactly how he felt! That's the first time though in 6 years of swimming together that I've seen Mark do that.

I started swimming and honestly had no idea what I was going to do for a workout today. Funny though I checked my watch at 400 and saw I was holding a decent pace so I went for the 2k PR. To be honest I don't know what my 2k PR is in this pool so I don't know if what I did today was actually a PR, but it was 2+ min faster than the same 2k twelve days ago when I started this swim challenge, so we'll say the swim challenge has been a success on the fitness front. 7:51, 7:46, 7:40, 7:38. Was pretty stoked to get in <31min when my original goal starting this challenge was to hit 31:30.

To be honest I felt like I needed a 100 easy to recover from my 2k w/u (ha!) but instead set off on a longish main set that again I sort of made up as I went...

3x400's pull @6:15
100 easy
3x300's pull @4:45
100 easy
3x200's pull @3:15
100 easy

That gave me 5k but I stayed in and did 4x200's with one of my athletes who is visiting and we worked on her technique. So, 5800 for the day.

Technically I guess I could get away with only swimming 4k/day this weekend and still would break the EC Swim Challenge Record. I need 5K/day though for max points in the game, and at this point 5k doesn't seem like a huge ask, so my plan is 5k(+) the next 2 days. #maxpoints

Tomorrow officially starts TeamBSC Camp Oahu! 5 athletes flew into town plus some of my locals will join in to our sessions the next 6 days... should be a fun time! A few who were here early enough came along for a hike with Maia this afternoon. I have to say, showing Oahu off to folks who have never been here is awesome!

We hiked out to Likeke Falls and I learned that these athletes are super cool about getting lost in the woods. I think we go that way??
But hey we found the waterfall!

We joked... Right now there are people inside walking on a treadmill... You guys... #outsideisfree

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