Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Week 22 peek at the baby...

We had our week 22 ultrasound today! Sorry the images are so small... couldn't figure out how to get them to appear larger? But they're pretty good pics, don't ya think? (If you click on the image they may appear bigger on your computer screen.) The baby's face was really clear- we could see all the facial features... it's really amazing to us how much it has grown... a true miracle. 16 weeks ago I had my first peak at it and it was just a blob of pulsating cells... today we saw the four chambers of it's heart!! Our doctor was good about not getting too close to the legs so we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl (she said she doesn't know either because she didn't look). But all in all everything is fine and she doesn't expect any complications along the way. We're more than halfway there now! We talked today about possibly inducing me maybe just a couple of days before my due date (Nov 5)... Dr didn't think there would be any issue with that... mainly for planning purposes since my mom is planning on flying out for the birth and then to help for a few weeks afterward. Would make it a bit easier for family members to buy the plane tickets if we knew when it was coming! Next appointment July 29!

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Fennells said...

Hi Michelle,

I linked over here from Kelley's blog. I see you guys are friends now. Congrats on your wedding and pregnancy. I would highly recommend NOT getting induced. Your delivery experience is more important than everyone's plane tix.....IMHO (having been there myself). Good luck to you!