Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Eats...

Since I now have more free time on my hands, I've started to put more effort into creating good meals for dinner each night (Scott loves this!). Previously, I tried to cook healthy, but any recipe that called for more than 5 simple ingredients got passed over. I wouldn't even really call what I used to do 'cooking'. It was more like 'preparing food'.

Now, however, I've started to cook. I go through multiple recipes each day/week to pick out the one that sounds best... get to the store to but the ingredients we need... and however long it takes to make the meal is fine. I've managed to create some pretty yummy dishes... and healthy ones at that! I've found a great resource in Vegetarian Times magazine.

You learn all sorts of interesting stuff from this magazine, and the best part is that all the foods are really good for you! Scott and I aren't actually vegetarians... we both eat meat sometimes. I just prefer not to cook it- so we'll eat it if it is well prepared by someone else! But for cooking at home, the Veggie Magazine is the bomb.

A challenging thing about learning to cook is that sometimes you get a little overly confident and stop actually following the recipes. Ok, I do anyway. Last night was a classic example. I found some interesting looking pre-made chinese black bean and garlic sauce at the store... thought it would be good to marinate some tofu in that then broil it for dinner... layered the tofu over some curried couscous and steamed swiss chard... it looked good! How creative I have become on my own! Who needs that magazine??

Apparently, I do. The chinese sauce was so salty I couldn't even start to eat it. Not even a little bit. YUCK! Totally ruined the whole meal. And you know what? My dear dear husband went back for seconds. He is a tried and true supporter, even when his wife makes something completely inedible for dinner.

Tonight, it's back to the magazine.

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rr said...

Hey Simmons. We missed you at the swim - I had to take your spot at the top o' the AG.. don't worry, you can have it back next year!

I didn't know you'd stopped working - AWESOME. Working pregnant is no fun!

Love the blog. And Scott's fam is much like mine - 5 kids in 7 years for my mom. My kids were born in Walnut Creek :) Hope you're feeling well!