Friday, July 4, 2008

It's a Tough Life...

It's tough living here. Phew.

Scott and I got up this morning and after our new Saturday morning ritual of french toast and fruit, took Hoku to the beach. It's been a while since she's been there and she has such a blast playing in the water! I asked her this morning, "Wanna GO BEACH?!!?!" and I swear all four of her legs jumped at the same time and she started running in circles. (Our ulterior motive was that we knew it would be a good way to wear her out so hopefully she'll sleep through the terrifying fireworks tonight that will undoubtedly have her hiding in a closet all night...)

Anyway, here's some video footage of Scott playing soccer with her at Kailua Beach Park!


Here's another video of us playing in the water. She's a good swimmer!


Finally, showing off my belly at the beach... :) Next 4th of July we'll have our little one down there with us! For now, it's time to go comb more of the sand out of Hoku's fur...


hatfields-in-hawaii said...

You look absolutely wonderful. It's good to see that you and Scott are doing so good. Happy 4th!!! -Ryan

hatfields-in-hawaii said...

I agree with Ryan! You look sooo cute :-) Hope you had fun at the beach! -Kelley