Monday, July 7, 2008

A Hui Ho, Ellen!

I said a temporary goodbye to my good friend, Ellen, last night. Scott and I drove her to the airport and now she's off to Kuwait for the next 6 months. Ellen is an NP in the navy so she's been called out (again) to do her duty in Kuwait. Hopefully this time will be better than last time (when she had to live in a tent on the border of Iraq for 8 months)...
Ellen has been my good friend since the first summer I lived here. She and I have been ocean swimming buddies for years. We did our last "Duke's Swim" this weekend and it was really nice to be out there with her enjoying the water and the sights. And I guess it wasn't really our 'last' Duke's swim... we'll do it again when she returns in February. We'll spend our time getting back in shape together! My other military friend and swimming buddy, Dana, (middle of picture above) left Hawaii about a month ago to go to Washington DC for his neurosurgery internship. I can't believe Dana is going to be cutting people's heads open! :)
Until we meet again, Ellen.. Be safe out there... I'll take good care of your cat!!

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